September 21, 1778

1778 September 21 (Monday).  I made a Visit to poor John Bond, in his wounded Condition.  He is not able to speak plainly, his mouth is so broken and cutt by his Fall, and his Bones are sett and healing — and has his Reason.  I prayed with him and the Family under their Affliction.  Then I visited Ensign Jeduthun Fay, who is sick, and several of his Daughters.  Went to Capt. Jonathan Fays, his Wife being very ill.  Prayed with her: and I dined there.  Went to Grafton, and settled with Mr. David Stow.  Paid him in full for keeping the sheep — viz. 11£ 8/ Lawful Money, and returned at Eve.  Mr. Levi Wilder has been here, and dined with Mrs. P________________