September 16, 1778

1778 September 16 (Wednesday).  Another Birth Day arrives, through the Long-suffering of God.  I rendered, as I was able, Thanksgiving and Praise to my Almighty Author, Preserver and Benefactor.  My Son rode with me to Dr. Swifts at Acton.  Spent Some time in the Library.  Dined with the old Lady, her son and his Wife.  Bought Buxtorfs Lexicon and they gave me Nortoni Responsio ad Apollonium.  Visit Mr. Adams (the Minister) who is under scrophulous Disorders.  On the Road in returning home, had Opportunity for Serious Discourse with my Son, especially on the solemn Article of my own Departure from temporal Enjoyments and settling what may be left.  Called at Col. Weeks’s (as I did in going down).  Arrived in Safety.  D.G.  Found here Mr. Forbes and his son, also John Honeywood, with a Letter from Mr. Jos. Willard.  He is to tarry here with us a While.  He was brought here by Mr. Simon Willard of Grafton, who led back his Horse.  They all lodged here.  Mrs. P_______ sorrowfully indisposed yet.