September 18, 1778

1778 September 18 (Friday).  When Mr. Forbes hears me relate what Mr. David Stow demands for keeping his Sheep, viz. 1 sh. per Head per Week — he is not willing to pay it, but thinks I ought to have informed him, that he might have taken them away, according to the first Method proposed, that is, after shearing.  We are therefore thrust on to the Second Method which is to keep them till the year be up.  Which we consent to.  He and his son leave us to go to Brookfield.  A sorrowful Occurrence happened yesterday — John Bond, son of Mr. Abraham Bond, of 15 years, was pursuing a Squirrel, climed [sic] up a tall Tree to beat him down; the Limb which he depended on was dry and broke; he fell down to the Ground, and was taken up senseless — but after a while revived; but much bruised — one Arm broke, the other hurt and swelled — a Snag of the Tree wounded him on the upper part of his Hip.  A wonder he was not killed, for he fell, as it was conceived, nigh 30 feet: much Blood issued.  What a loud Warning!