April 29, 1778

1778 April 29 (Wednesday).  A Council of Four Churches Sat [at?] Marlborough on [illegible] of Mr. Smiths Dismission [illegible] where we [illegible] was Joseph Hawes.  My Delegate did not come.  Mr. Stone was not well enough to come, but his two Delegates came.  Mr. Whitney came with two, Mr. Biglow came with One.  They chose me Moderator, and I prayed.  Mr. Whitney was Scribe.  The Churches Committee were with us first and afterwards the whole Church were sent for and came.  Mr. Smith read his Request of Dismission both from pastoral Relation, and as a Brother of that Church.  The Church were unanimous in granting both.  Having manifested this, we repaired to the Meeting House, and there the said Request was again read, and was Voted by the Church (I conceive unanimously, or near so) and I counted 41, of the Church present.  After the Vote, Mr. Whitney prayed and I gave the Blessing (or rather begged it of God) and so departed.  After the Assembly, and this solemn Work was over, I visited Capt. William Brighams Wife, who has been sick — was at Lt. Uriah’s — thence rode to, and lodged at, Mr. Stones.  Found him but feeble and weak, but walking about.