April 17, 1778

1778 April 17 (Friday).  My Cow lately calved is much disordered and Mr. David Maynard (by Request) came, and helped her.  This was a singularly kind and Neighbourly, as circumstances were.  [I visited?] a Number of sick — viz. Mr. John Forbes’s [torn, illegible] with her; to the Widow Jemima Hardy [torn, illegible] of Delirium.  Dined at Mr. Eli Whitneys [torn, illegible] in my Way to Mr. Adams’s — [torn, illegible] to visit her — but I found her [torn, illegible] Reason, but talkative [torn, illegible] with her: which I endeavoured.  [torn, illegible] home: He desires to be propounded, [torn, illegible] it might be in peace.