April 9, 1778

1778 April 9 (Thursday).  Mr. Adams carrys away Voetius 3 very thick 4to Vols. and leaves Monsieur Claudus Defence of the Reform. 4to.  President Chauncys Doctrine of Justification 4to.  Mr. Reb. Nasmiths Entail of the Covenant of Grace: and Human Prudence.


I also Wrote though briefly to Mr. Quincy who is now at Medfield.  N.B. Went to the Fast at Mr. Adams’s.  Mr. Fish performed the Exercises of the forenoon.  His Text was Mat. 15.22.  Mr. Fitch the afternoon.  His Text was Mat. 20.31.34.  They were, I hope, profitable.  May God grant Success!  The Woman was continually uneasy — greatly distressed — much under the power of Delirium.  There was a large Assembly — but neither [of her parents?] there.  After Meeting I called in to visit old Mr. Jonah Warrin who was unable to go to the Assembly; though he tryed to go [illegible] soon turned back.