April 2, 1778

1778 April 2 (Thursday).  With Difficulty I obtain an Horse (my son gone with his to Worcester) and on Mr. Levi [Warrins?] Horse, go to Southborough (bad Riding) to preach his both sacramental and Singing Lecture.  N.B. Capt. Thomas Whipple of New Braintry, going to Head Quarters, accompanyed me.  I dined at Mr. Stones: Preached (though few to hear) on Ps. 36.12.  Returned at Evening.  Hear that Mrs. Adams is yet living.  Mr. Badcock returns to Wrentham.

April 6, 1778

1778 April 6 (Monday).  Rode to Capt. Jonas Brighams to visit Miss Hephzibah Ward, who is sick there.  Discoursed and prayed with her.  I dined at Mr. Hannaniah Parkers.  Visit old Mrs. Kelley.  N.B. received of Thomas Beeton a M.S. of 8 pages, on [blank].  Went to See the Widow Mercy Williams an Occasion of the Death of her Eldest Daughter Mrs. Abigail Kenney at the Union.  N.B. The Town Met concerning Supplies for the Continental Soldiers.

April 7, 1778

1778 April 7 (Tuesday).  [illegible] abal Miller[1] came to live here.  I rode to Mr. B. Balls solemnizing the Burying of his New born, but Dead Child; and prayed there.  In returning dined at Lieut. Bowmans.  Mrs. Bowman has lately had her Eleventh Child, her 7th son.  I also visited Mr. Eli Whitney, who is still confined, with Rheumatism, Fever, etc.  Called at Squire Bakers, and he not being at home smoked a pipe with Mr. H[illegible], who is still there as an Accom[ptant?].  Private Meeting was [put by? illegible].  Wrote to Messrs. Fish and Fitch to assist at a Fast at Mr. Adams.  Private Meeting was put by [illegible].

[1]Possibly Izebel, daughter of Isaac and Abigail Miller, b. June 27, 1764.  Westborough VR 74.

April 9, 1778

1778 April 9 (Thursday).  Mr. Adams carrys away Voetius 3 very thick 4to Vols. and leaves Monsieur Claudus Defence of the Reform. 4to.  President Chauncys Doctrine of Justification 4to.  Mr. Reb. Nasmiths Entail of the Covenant of Grace: and Human Prudence.


I also Wrote though briefly to Mr. Quincy who is now at Medfield.  N.B. Went to the Fast at Mr. Adams’s.  Mr. Fish performed the Exercises of the forenoon.  His Text was Mat. 15.22.  Mr. Fitch the afternoon.  His Text was Mat. 20.31.34.  They were, I hope, profitable.  May God grant Success!  The Woman was continually uneasy — greatly distressed — much under the power of Delirium.  There was a large Assembly — but neither [of her parents?] there.  After Meeting I called in to visit old Mr. Jonah Warrin who was unable to go to the Assembly; though he tryed to go [illegible] soon turned back.

April 14, 1778

1778 April 14 (Tuesday).  Agreed with Dr. Hawes to take Several Parts of my place to the Halves.  As, all that lies down below the [illegible] at the Cook Island, and on the Brook, Maynard and Newton Meadow the Corn and Flax Land there, also the Pasture Land there, and the New Swamp.  Likewise the Indian Field by Mr. Nurse’s Road: The mowing Ground which is west of the Meeting House.

April 15, 1778

1778 April 15 (Wednesday).  Went to Squire Bakers again, but in Vain.  He was not at home, but his Wife is confined by illness.  I visited Mr. John Forbes’s Wife again, who grows worse.  Prayed there.  Mr. Hezekiah Maynard from Marlborough brings a Letter from the Church there, desirous of a Council, respecting the Dismission of Mr. Smith.

April 17, 1778

1778 April 17 (Friday).  My Cow lately calved is much disordered and Mr. David Maynard (by Request) came, and helped her.  This was a singularly kind and Neighbourly, as circumstances were.  [I visited?] a Number of sick — viz. Mr. John Forbes’s [torn, illegible] with her; to the Widow Jemima Hardy [torn, illegible] of Delirium.  Dined at Mr. Eli Whitneys [torn, illegible] in my Way to Mr. Adams’s — [torn, illegible] to visit her — but I found her [torn, illegible] Reason, but talkative [torn, illegible] with her: which I endeavoured.  [torn, illegible] home: He desires to be propounded, [torn, illegible] it might be in peace.

April 18, 1778

1778 April 18 (Saturday).  Mr. Simon How of Marlborough here with a Letter from Mr. Smith and the Church there respecting his Dismission.  Mr. John Forbes here with a Petition for a Contribution.  N.B. his Wife lies in a very low Condition.  By Reason of the many Avocations this Week I could compose but part of my Preparations for the Sabbath.

April 19, 1778

1778 April 19 (Sunday).  Considering the shameful Delinquency of many persons in attending upon the public worship I preached on Ps. 27.[4?], which may God graciously accept and bless!  Miss Mindwell Brigham dined here.  I propounded Dr. Hawes and his Wife.  Read Mr. John Forbes’s Petition for a Contribution — stayed the Church [and?] read Mr. Smith’s Letter from the Church in Marlborough concerning his Dismission from the Ministry.  After Meeting I hasted up to Capt. Fishers to see Mrs. Forbes who is extreme Low.

April 20, 1778

1778 April 20 (Monday).  [illegible] Goddard preaching at Marlborough, came here to desire me to change with him on the ensuing Fast.  But I was obliged to deny him, by reason of Mr. John Forbes’ Case.  Mr. Joseph Grout and his Wife called here, being about to Visit their unhappy Sister, to enquire into the Cause of her Troubles and Sufferings.  Mrs. Forbes, though she was thought to be in a dying state, yet continues breathing.

April 21, 1778

1778 April 21 (Tuesday).  Mrs. Forbes has lived through the Night, but about 8 this Morning expires.  A.M. I was obliged to ride over to Mr. Fessendens about keeping my sheep.  I went to the Ministerial Lot: for Breck is getting Timber there, for a Back Room to his store.  Lt. Joseph Bond and Mr. Nathan Maynard with Teams; and they brought it to the place; at 3 times apiece.

April 22, 1778

1778 April 22 (Wednesday).  The General Continental Fast.  Preached a.m. on Ezek. 18.30.  P.M. on Hos. 2.8.9.  This referred to the season of the year.  May God grant a Blessing!  Contribution for Mr. John Forbes amounted to £22.18.0.


After the public Exercises at the Meeting House I attended the Funeral of Mr. John Forb [es Wife?].  She dyed at Capt. Fishers; and was [torn, illegible] thence.  His Children were [torn, illegible] many people were t[torn, illegible]thezing.

April 23, 1778

1778 April 23 (Thursday).  I rode up to Worcester [torn] to [torn] the Tryal of the Murderers of the late Mr. [torn]hua [torn]pooner.  Was very kindly received by Mr. Richard Pratt and his Wife.  The criminals (Viz. William Brooks, James Buchannan, Ezra Ross and Bathsheba Spooner but Dux Femina Facti) were arraigned in the Afternoon; and then remanded to Jayl.


N.B. I visited a.m. Mr. Maccartys Mother, Mrs. Bridge, at her son’s Mr. Samuel Bridge’s.  I dined at Mr. Salisbury’s, where was his Mother, Mrs. Salsbury; [and?] Mrs. Leonard, widow of the late Dr. Leonard, with her Brother, Mr. Nat. Green of Woodstock.  At Court saw my Son Ebenezer who tells me he has Sold his place at New-Braintry.  At Eve I returned to Mr. Pratts, who was So very good as to take care of me and my Horse.

April 24, 1778

1778 April 24 (Friday).  Attended the Tryal.  It was at the Meeting House between 8 and 9 a.m.  A great Throng!  A most sad Sight!  Many Evidences were Sworn.  Three were brought from Jayl, who were made use of as Witnesses.  Namely, the widow Stretton and her son, and Alexander Cummings, a Scottish Youth, who deserting from Burgoyne’s Army, lived in Mr. Spooner’s House.  The Court continued till past Midnight, during all which time I continued at my Seat in the Meeting House.  The Court was adjourned to 8 o’Clock next morning.

April 25, 1778

1778 April 25 (Saturday).  I was kindly found and spoke to, in the Dark, at the Meeting-House Door, by the friendly Mr. Richard Pratt; and when altogether at a Loss what Course to take, or what to do with myself; this benevolent, hospitable man invited me to his House to lodge there the rest of the Night; and [illegible] me there.  Mr. Maccarty [torn] me, but I was left forlorn.  [torn]ly went to P[torn]atts and Slept there.  In the Morning repaired again to the Court (which sat at the Meeting House).  The Criminals were brought.  The Jury brought in their Verdict, Guilty!  Upon which the awful and Shocking Sentence of Death was pronounced — and they were remanded to Jayl.


I returned to Mr. Pratts (where my Horse was kept also) and rode to Grafton, to Mr. David Stows, with whom I agreed to Pasture my Sheep.  12d old tenor per Head per Week.  Dined at Old Capt. Drurys, and hastened home.  At Eve came Elias, on foot, from College.  Mr. James Miller junior and Dr. Hawes, with their Relations, to be read tomorrow.  Elias came home from Cambridge.

April 28, 1778

1778 April 28 (Tuesday).  Rode to Bolton, Mr. Whitney with me, to Ministers Meeting at Mr. Goss’s.  Was their Moderator.  Sundry others were at this Meeting; viz. Mr. Morse, Mr. Harrington and Mr. Mellen.  Mr. Mellen asked our Advice on Consideration of a Council of 4 Churches having been called by his Opposing Brethren had lately Sat in that parish to judge of Mr. Mellens Dismission but he did not bring their Result, and therefore we declined [saying?] much upon it.  Next Meeting at Mr. Whitneys [illegible] to be at his House, next Month [illegible] Marlborough — to Mr. Simon Howe [torn and illegible].

April 29, 1778

1778 April 29 (Wednesday).  A Council of Four Churches Sat [at?] Marlborough on [illegible] of Mr. Smiths Dismission [illegible] where we [illegible] was Joseph Hawes.  My Delegate did not come.  Mr. Stone was not well enough to come, but his two Delegates came.  Mr. Whitney came with two, Mr. Biglow came with One.  They chose me Moderator, and I prayed.  Mr. Whitney was Scribe.  The Churches Committee were with us first and afterwards the whole Church were sent for and came.  Mr. Smith read his Request of Dismission both from pastoral Relation, and as a Brother of that Church.  The Church were unanimous in granting both.  Having manifested this, we repaired to the Meeting House, and there the said Request was again read, and was Voted by the Church (I conceive unanimously, or near so) and I counted 41, of the Church present.  After the Vote, Mr. Whitney prayed and I gave the Blessing (or rather begged it of God) and so departed.  After the Assembly, and this solemn Work was over, I visited Capt. William Brighams Wife, who has been sick — was at Lt. Uriah’s — thence rode to, and lodged at, Mr. Stones.  Found him but feeble and weak, but walking about.