October 27, 1776

1776 October 27 (Sunday).  As I could not prepare any new Sermons, I preached a.m. the Remainder of the Discourse on Gal. 1.15.16, Suited to the Solemnity of the Lords Supper, which I administered and may God graciously accept!  A Considerable Number of Grafton people were with us.  Capt. Brooks and his Wife dined with us: as did Master Joseph Hall (Son of Rev. Mr. Hall of Sutton) who is come to keep our school; Mrs. Maynard and Miss Katy [How?] of Marlborough and Miss Suse Brigham.


P.M. I preached on 1 Sam. 4.13 as most accommodated to these unhappy Times.  N.B. We have a Rumour, that Every other man of the militia must now be sent for to go to Ticonderoga.