October 12, 1776

1776 October 12 (Saturday).  Mr. Constantine Hardy came hastily with an Horse for me to go immediately to his Father who is conceived to be near his End.  I went with him — found Mr. Hardy beyond conversing — he was [blot] we prayed.  He expired [illegible] afternoon in his 73d year.  I dined there.  We eat the Bread of mourning.  He has left 12 grown up Children.  P.M. I rode to Mr. Childs, called at several [Neighbours?] — particularly old Mr. Pratts, who is grown [better.  When I returned?] I am much out of my Element inasmuch as I cant compose new preparations for the ensuing Sabbath; having had so many other Employments, Interruptions, Avocations, and Cares this last week.