October 3, 1776

1776 October 3 (Thursday).  I rode thence to my son Williams who was gone to Newport, Rhode Island.  In returning to Westborough dined at Mr. Weeks in Marlborough.  The Coll. and his Wife were gone a Journey.  Stopped at the widows Gale in Westborough by reason of Amsden Gales Death in the Army.  Before I got home I prayed at the Funeral of old Mrs. Sarah Forbush who dyed on the 1st of her Cancer. When arrived here received several Letters from my Son Moore.  Was informed of Sundry Persons having been here.  As, not only my Grand Daughter Betsey Baldwin (whom I met in her way to Concord) but Joshua Winter, Parkman Bradshaw, etc.  Mrs. Harrington, our nearest Neighbour was (after Several Days Distress) delivered of a Son, to our great Joy — and would praise God for it!