October 1, 1776

1776 October 1 (Tuesday).  We left Mrs. Gibbs and rode to Watertown in quest of Mr. Stephen Hall of Sutton who took the Charge of Elias’s Chest and an Oval Table, to be carryed to Cambridge.  Found him, but the Chest etc. were left at Waltham.  We went to Cambridge.  Put the Horse and Chaise under the Care of Mrs. Hicks.  Viewed the Chambers appointed for my son.  Hastings there and they rode to Waltham and brought the Chest and Table which Stephen Hall took care to get brought there.  Dined with Dr. Langdon.  P.M. Sought for a Bonds man.  Walked through the late Entrenchments and Barracks.  Visit venerable Dr. Appleton.  At Eve Cousen Thomas Barrett is bound with me to the Steward — and I pay the Steward 5 Dollars — Upon which he signs the Receipt, and I return [it to] the President who signs the Admittance.  Visit Mr. [Hall?], one of the Tutors, where I also had Mr. Guilds Company — who is another of the Tutors.  Lodge at Mrs. Hicks’s.