October 4, 1776

1776 October 4 (Friday).  Having no Body to help me, my Business abroad has miserably Suffered.  No Rowing cut — Bushes unmowed, the few Apples are lost: no plowing done, and yet keep Oxen, Mare and plough, for want of an Hand to take hold of it!  Almost no Wood; but no Body to go and fetch [more?].  Have 34 Pound of Beef from Mr. Barnabas Newton, at 18d.  P.M. Mr. Sumner came to See me.  Wants a printed Account of Mr. Ely who is troublesome at Templeton and otherwhere.  Dr. Eliot Sends a Girth borrowed in his Journey to Fairfield; it was a Trifle only: but with it [torn] Catalogue, 8 vo. and a Letter, containing serious and religious [blot] on the Times; which grow still more gloomy.