September 19, 1775

1775 September 19 (Tuesday).


Carryed Suse


Brigham home to her Father.   Paid Suse three Dollars.


I went to Ministers Meeting at Marlborough.  I was chose Moderator and prayed.  The Conversation was upon the General Distresses, viz. by the Warr, and by the terrible Dysentery.  N.B. In Marlborough Four have been buryed in a Day; three times this has occurred, and nineteen have been buryed in a week.  The Ministers were agreed to recommend our keeping Fasts in our respective Parishes.  In returning, I called to see Old Coll. Williams who has lost his Wife, son William and his Daughter Abigail, by Death;[1] also their Maid, and a Traveller — all five of them dyed there of late, and a young Child Sick at this time.  Sorrowfull [Dispensations?] indeed!  I went in also to see old Mrs. Beeman, who is very feeble, yet can go about.  Breck returned from Norwich.  One Gilbert with him, who carrys a Letter from me to Mr. Moore.

[1]Elizabeth, wife of Col. Abraham Williams, d. 9 Aug. 1775, in 71st year; Marlborough Vital Records, 400.  William d. 1 Aug. 1775; ibid., 401.  Abigail, dau.  of Col. Abraham and Elizabeth, d. 28 July 1775, in 40th yr.; ibid., 400.