September 6, 1775

1775 September [6?] (Wednesday).  [torn] remains in the like low Condition, but sleeps somewhat [torn] in the late times.  Mr. Jonathan Forbes Wife here on Examination.  [torn] Life of Mr. Whitefield by Dr. John Gillies.  My Son John h[torn] had [torn] Rest (as Eli Harrington that watched [torn]) but yet I think he looses Grou[torn] [weaker?] than ever I knew him [torn]uick, and attended with a trembl[torn] when he lifts them up [torn] I prayed.  I took leave; and [borrowing?] [torn]Horse rode over to see Mrs. Martyn before she dyes.  When I arrived there Mr. Whitney was praying.  After prayer I endeavoured to Converse with her, but it was difficult because She could hardly hear what was Said; and through her own weakness she Could Speak but very little; and therefore I could discover very little of her state or Frame.  N.B. her son Michael was there; and her Sister Witt was also come to See her.  Note further that Mrs. Whitney yesterday brought him another Daughter.  I bid Adieu to Mrs. Martyn with Solemnity.  I returned at Eve: Hear that Madam Woods (as She has been commonly called) heretofore wife of my old, generous Friend, Coll. Benjamin Woods of Marlborough, dyed lately of an Apoplectic fit, or a Disorder of that kind; and was buryed yesterday.[1]  O that God would prepare me for Sudden Death!

[1]Not in Marlborough Vital Records.