September 2, 1775

1775 September 2 (Saturday).  John has Slept sometimes; but 3 times has bled at the Nose.  Richard Aspinwall, an Invalid of Cressop [torn] Company, came in and gave me Account of the Country he and these last Companys came from.  He himself from [M] illsburg on [torn] Ohio.  Lt. Joseph Baker calls, and informs me [torn] this Morning 4 o’Clock, deceased the Rev. Mr. Bridge [of] Framingham; came up from the Camp last Mon[day] and dyed of the Distemper.  May the Lord Sanctifie [torn] me that I may be ready also! in such a Way and su[ch] Hour as we [think?][torn] the son of man comes [torn] May [torn] Ministers watch — be faithful, fruitful, and found so [torn].  But O that God would Pity the bereaved Flock and Family, the [sor]rowful Widow especially to Support and Comfort her, and the Children [torn].  O what a bitter Cup this of Death!  I went to [see?] [torn] Neighbour Caleb Harrington his wife and Children bad with the Dis[torn].  I prayed with them.  N.B. was Sent for, because Mr. H. gr[torn].