October 1, 1775

1775 October 1 (Sunday).  Through divine Goodness was better.  Went to meeting.  Preached a.  and P.M. on Isai. 55.4.  Used the notes on the first part of the verse, having been so much taken up in the week past that I could  make no new preparations.  I administered the Lords Supper.  Old Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Maynard and Suse Brigham dined here.  A Letter from Mr. Moore of the 19th ult. that he had the Camp-Distemper.

October 2, 1775

1775 October 2 (Monday).  Elias goes to School to Mr. William May, who keeps at the Whipple School-House.  Attended Miss Zerviah Nurses Funeral.  She was nigh 36.  A Messenger called to inform me of the Death of that worthy Man, Col. Timothy Brigham Yesterday, though previously Some time, indisposed, yet he dyed suddenly, and to all about him unexpectedly[1]  Help, Lord!  the godly man ceaseth!  This especially is a very great Loss — to dear Brother Stone more peculiarly.  I am desired to go there tomorrow.

[1]Timothy Brigham d. Oct. 1, 1775; Southborough Vital Records, 159.

October 3, 1775

1775 October 3 (Tuesday).  I rode down to Southborough, on the mentioned sorrowful Occasion.  Dined at Mr. Stones.  P.M. repaired to the House of Mourning.  I was obliged to pray before the Interrment.  A large and respectible Assembly were gathered.  I prayed [that this Sad Oc]casion might not go over without Some special and saving Benefit by it.  Squire Whipple my Company back.  Dr. Fre[torn] fell in with us, and coming from Cambridge this morning he informed us of the Treachery of Dr. Church who was confined last Evening there.  When I came home found my dear Kinswoman Procter, with her Husband, from Lincoln here.  They lodge here.

October 4, 1775

1775 October 4 (Wednesday).  Hannah rode with me to See Mrs. Miriam Batherick still Sick.  Mr. Procter and his Wife, Mr. Noah Hardy, Elijah and Edward [Brigham?] dined here.  Mr. Hardy payed me (in old tenor) £74.  [A]ll of what Mr. Martin Pratt, late Constable, was to collect of the [torn] Rates.  Old Mrs. Kelly came with her grand daughter [torn] Beeton, who is under Awakenings and wanted to talk with me.  [torn] Procter and his Wife desire me to read my late Brothers and their [torn] Will, and are dissatisfyed with the scanty provisions [torn] in it for them.

October 7, 1775

1775 October 7 (Saturday).  In the morning I went to Mr. Andrews’s he having Sent for me to see a stranger, who was attempting to go home from the Army, ill, but who lay sick there.  His Name was Daniel Barber of Symsbury.  Discoursed and prayed with him.  Visited also and prayed with the Widow Martha Warrin, who is sick of a Fever, at Mr. Daniel Warrins.  P.M. attended the Funeral of Mrs. Miriam Batherick (wife of Solomon Batherick)[1] and she seems to be much lamented.  Towards night came Mr. May to see us.

[1]Solomon Bathrick mar. Miriam Beeman, int. May 9, 1772; Westborough Vital Records, 121.  Levi was b. Sept. 29, 1772.

October 8, 1775

1775 October 8 (Sunday).  I went on a. and P.M. with Isa. 55.4 from page 95 to 106, with variations and Additions, according to Times and Circumstances.  After the Exercises Capt. Maynard acquainted me with the very sorrowful Tidings of the Death of the Reverend Mr. Amos Adams of Roxbury; that he dyed at Dorchester last Thursday, of the Dysentery; and was buryed yesterday.  I how the righteous Perish from the Earth!  Are taken away from the Evil to come!  May God pity us!  the mournful Widow — — Parents, Children — Brothers and Sisters — and in special my Daughter [i.e., daughter-in-law, William’s wife] Lydia.  O how grievous this [Breach?] to the Flock he used to feed, now doubly distressed and Scattered!!!

October 10, 1775

1775 October 10 (Tuesday).  Write to Mr. Cushing by Moses Brigham going to [torn]mouth College.  Attended the Funeral of old M[torn]borah Grow who dyed on the 8th.  Aets. 90.[1]  One Miss Patience Richardson of Lancaster came to trade with [torn] is at Coffee P.M. as is Master May, and both lodge here.  Am inf[torn] that Mr. Barber above mentioned, dyed this afternoon.[2]  Died at [blank].  [torn].  Received a Letter from Brother Grindall Rawson of East Haddam.

[1]Not in Westborough Vital Records.

[2]Not in Westborough Vital Records.

October 11, 1775

1775 October 11 (Wednesday).  Our Company leave us but Miss Richardson not till after Dinner.  Mr. Andrews here and will have me go to the burying place and shew where the Grave for Mr. Barber had best be dugg.  Breck P.M. goes to Brookfield.  I went on f[oot?] to Mr. Andrews’s to attend the Funeral of the Barber abovesaid.  He was almost 2[2] Years old.  There was a Brother from the Camp, and a Friend that came from his Father at Symsbury; attending the Solemnity.  At night a very great storm of Thunder, Lightning and Rain.

October 15, 1775

1775 October 15 (Sunday).  I went on a.m. with what I before [last?][Lords Day] on Isa. 55.4, viz. those words and Commander of the People, but added as the present times required.  At noon understood that Deacon Storer of Boston with other Company were travelling.  Breck Spoke with them.  I did not.  They wanted to hire a Room or two for Deacon and a Friend.  I thought it incredible that Such a man would ride about thus on the Lords Day.  P.M. on Ps. C.1.2.  Which may god graciously succeed!  Deacon Miles of Shrewsbury at Meeting and was here after the Exercises: but too evidently insane.

October 16, 1775

1775 October 16 (Monday).  I visit Capt. Jonathan Fay’s Daughter Joanna and pray with her.  I dined there.  N.B. Deacon Storer of Boston and Mr. Joseph Barrell with him, are Seeking House-room in this Town.  Went also to see young Joseph Grout, who is Still very low.  Called at 3 other Houses.  Endeavoured to keep it in mind to urge something of the Grand Affair.

October 17, 1775

1775 October 17 (Tuesday).  Visit old Mrs. Forbush, where is her Kinswoman Mrs. [torn]hard of Framingham.  I prayed with them.  Visit Mrs. [torn] (Jonathans wife) who is very bad.  Prayed there.[torn] Mr. Bathericks, his Wife being Sick — and prayed there.  [torn] went to see Mrs. Ann Maynard, who is ill yet.  Breck and Hannah to Concord, Ben. Clark to Cambridge.  P.M. Cousen Sally Brigham and her son Edward came to us, but [illegible] at Eve.  I went up to see Mrs. Clark, one of the strangers who had lately lain in, her Child ill, and to Mrs. Wheelocks [torn] a Child of about 20 Months, being extreamly bad, of worms and purging.

October 18, 1775

1775 October 18 (Wednesday).  Hear that Mrs. Wheelocks Child dyed about 10 o’Clock last night.[1] [torn] rode to Upton to Visit Mr. Fish and Family in their Affliction.  He was not at home.  Their Daughter Deborah Sick, [illegible] recovering.  I dined there.  Miss Betty Peterson is with them and gives me an Account of what her Mother met with at Mr. Luke Stone’s at Boston.  I visit also Mr. Joshua Hicks whose Affliction has been very great by the late sickness — he, his Wife, and all their Children, being 8 of them were Sick of the Dysentery, and at a time.  Six of their Children dyed: and Mrs. Hicks was still feeble and weak.  May God be praised that any were saved!  May His holy Dispensation[s?] be so Sanctifyed to them that they may have Cause, and an Heart to bless His Name.  At Eve called upon Master Waters, who lodges at Mr. Jonah Warrins.  Mr. May here — lodges.

[1]Polly, dau. of Moses and Lydia Wheelock, d. Oct. 17, 1775; Westborough Vital Records, 256.

October 20, 1775

1775 October 20 (Friday).  Capt. Wheelocks Child buryed.  I was there and prayed.  I am lame by Striking my Leg against the rough End of a Stake, and cannot go to the Grave.  At Eve Breck and Hannah returned (in the Rain) from Concord.  They have been also to the Camp at Cambridge at prospect Hill in Charlestown, and at Roxbury were at General Wards Head Quarters.  They went as far as Dorchester to See our people’s Tents there.  N.B. Mr. Solomon Batherick here to be examined.

October 23, 1775

1775 October 23 (Monday).  Visit Capt. Wheelocks sick Child.  P.M. come my son Samuel who informs that his Wife had a Daughter last Tuesday the 17th.  Praise to the [torn] Great Deliverer in time of Trouble!  One Mr. Chapman with [torn] who lodged here.  I have a very sore Leg, having hurt [it] against a stake at Mr. Samuel Forbush’s on the 17th.

October 24, 1775

1775 October 24 (Tuesday).  Was sent for to Capt. Jonathan Fays to see Joanna: but She expired just before I got there.[1]  I prayed with them.  Mr. Chapman goes to Hopkinton, where he lives.  Wrote to [Mr. Joseph?] Ward, aid de Camp etc.  Received from Mr. Forbes [illegible] [£3?].  Mr. Levi Wilder came: and lodged here.  My Leg bad.

[1]Joanna, dau. of Jonathan and Joanna Fay, b. July 26, 1760; Westborough Vital Records, 40.  No record of death.

October 26, 1775

1775 October 26 (Thursday).  I Catechized the Boys a.m.  at the Meeting House: but was obliged to adjourn the Catechizing of the Girls till next [Monday?] by reason of the Funeral of Joanna Fay which I attended upon and prayed at.  Sophy and Hannah returned from Leicester.  My sons Samuel and Mr. (Engineer) Baldwin, came from Cambridge.  In Sending a Letter to Mr. Forbes, I wrote to the Care of Capt. Foster of Brookfield, but it should have been Capt. Foster of Gloucester.  This mistake I fear may expose it to Hands which I would not have it fall into.  Daniel Chamberlains Child dyes.

October 27, 1775

1775 October 27 (Friday).  I payed Mr. Baldwin 15£ old Tenor by a public Bill of 2£ Lawful Money.  He and Samuel left us to go to Brookfield.  My Son William came from Concord.  Dined here.  P.M. returned.  Mr. Fish of Upton comes in to See us, in his Way home from Concord.  And dines here.  At Eve Master Waters here.  Asked him to preach for me, if he can, next Sabbath.

October 28, 1775

1775 October 28 (Saturday).  Had very little Opportunity for Study.  A.M. divers Avocations.  As soon as I had dined and shaved rode in the Rain to Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlains to attend the Funeral of his son Daniels Child.[1]  Prayed — discoursed, exhorted — and rode back but could not come into my Study: my Wife’s Niece, Gilbert, with her Husband, was here.  They went from us to Capt. Maynards.

[1]Daniel Chamberlain m. Lydia Harrington, Jan. 4, 1775; birth and death of child not in Westborough Vital Records.

October 29, 1775

1775 October 29 (Sunday).  I preached a.m. on Isa. 55.4.  P.M. on Prov. 28.14.  Mr. Joseph Gilbert and his Wife dined here.  After Meeting I asked in Mr. Joseph Breed, one that was burnt out at Charlestown, and lives at Ensign Snows.  N.B. Deacon Wood asked me at noon, whether I would baptize Mrs. [C]larks Infant.  I answered that I would speak with her.