September 9, 1775

1775 September 9 (Saturday).  John, though he seemed to the Watcher, to have had a tolerable Night, yet he had grievous Turns of Coughing; and he thought it is probable he should die in one of those Fits of Coughing (but yet no bleeding for some time).  Moses Brigham singularly kind in procuring and fetching his Mothers Chaise and Horse for me to ride to Northborough.  Hannah rode with me to Mrs. Martyns Funeral.  Rev. Messrs. Smith, Morse, Goss, Sumner, Whitney, and I were Bearers.  It was also my part to pray.  May I be duly impressed with it, and have Grace to improve it!  John so bad that not only Stephen Maynard but Mrs. P________ also watches this night, it having been conceived that a little after noon he was struck with Death, was delirious and in [torn] Sweats.