June 30, 1775

1775 June 30 (Friday).  Have heard the sorrowful News that Dr. Samuel Mather, having removed his Goods and his Library to Charlestown, all are Consumed in the terrible Conflagration of the 18th.  My Daughter Forbes goes to Mendon in search of her Doctor, Pope: her Breast has Twinges, and she wants some of his [illegible] salve.  Ripley attends upon her, but Mrs. Baldwin abides here with us.  Mr. Cushing returned — to go homewards.  N.B. I understand that Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury is dismissed from his People for his Tory Principles; also Mr. Hill of Shutesbury, and Mr. Whitney of Petersham.  Mr. Harrington of Lancaster is said to Stand on very Slippery Ground; as Mr. Goss is already (as many say) dismissed.  All these, it may be observed, are Class-mates.