June 16, 1775

1775 June 16 (Friday).  My Son Samuel came from Charlestown, having got out of Boston in Disguise as a Fisherman, and went to Marblehead and Salem — from whence to Charlestown to take Care of Some Goods sent over there, and arrived here about a Quarter after One o’Clock this Morning.  P.M. Capt. Maynard sends for me to go to his new Cleared Land, to treat with me about turning the high Way towards Mr. Nurse’s.  My Son John first bleeds at the Nose; at night he Spits Blood; or rather Coughs up, in considerable quantitys, Blood; and it holds him for some time; so that it was alarming to us!  He has 4 or 5 turns of this by the Morning.  We are greatly concerned for him.