June 18, 1775

1775 June 18 (Sunday).  News flys all abroad that a Body of Regulars have gone over to Charlestown yesterday P.M.  An hot engagement at Bunker’s Hill there: and Burned [the Town] and the Meeting House in Special.  An awful Judgment of the Great God upon us!  May the Lord pity the immediate sufferers!  And prepare us for what We our selves may be called to undergo.  Mr. Moore preached and prayed both parts of the Day.  A.M. the Text was Jer. 17.7, P.M. Mat. 15.8.  My son John was so weak and low that Breck went for Dr. Willson, who came, and Dr. Hawes consulted with him.  Dr. W. dines here.  We have asked public Prayers to Day; May it please God to hear and grant a gracious Answer!  Towards Eve further News by Lt. Baker from below — was that our People were forced to give way by reason of their want of Ammunition, Powder especially, and they were in want of Provisions also.  My Son Samuel thought it wisest to [go] this Evening and ride to Charlestown Neck, to look after Goods which he had sent there from Boston.  He rode as far as Southborough, where he Met his Father Shaw o’foot.  He took him up into his Chaise, and returned here; and lodged with us.


[Notation at bottom of page: This Night We have 19 to lodge and 6 Horses in the Pasture.]