June 7, 1775

1775 June 7 (Wednesday).  Mr. Coolidge and wife, Breck and Sally, with the little Boy, after Dinner, go to Lancaster: But I Sat out for Shrewsbury a.m. on a visit to good Deacon Miles.  I dined at Mr. Solomon Bakers and rode his Horse.  Found the poor Deacon in his Cage — he was free of Speech — spoke many Sensible, becoming and religious Things.  Dr. Crosby was with me, who ventured to let the Deacon out, and I prayed with him.  I discoursed with his Children; Saw some of the Tokens of his Mischievousness: and plainly discerned Deliriousness.  He went quietly into his Confinement again.  O the Value of Reasoning Powers!  Praise to God for mine!  May God grant the Grace to improve what I am indulged with!  Called to See Mrs. Knowlton — Mr. Gershom Brighams Family: and would have seen Mr. Samuel Fay if he had been at home, or near the House, and took Dr. Crosby with me; but neither Mr. Fay, nor Wife, nor any body else, there.