June 11, 1775

1775 June 11 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Isa. 65.1, but carryed on the Discourse on Heb. 12.2.  P.M. Delivered part of the Discourse on Ps. 62.8 to p. 6, inclusive.  At Eve read to the Family most of the fervent Preface of Mr. R. Baxter to his Call to the unconverted,[1] which may God bless to us!  While we were at Exercise came the Clerk of a large Company of Soldiers, from Hartford, with the Complements of Coll. George Pitkin and his Desire that I would go up to Deacon Woods where the Company was arrived, and pray with them.  I went accordingly and complyed with the Colonel’s Desire.  I invited him to lodge at our House out of the Noise, but he thought it best to lodge there that they might make less than otherwise they would be like to.  We lodged four.

[1]Richard Baxter (1615-1691), A Call to the Uncoverted (Boston, 1702; Evans 1037; plus subsequent editions, 1717, 1720, 1731).