May 26, 1774

1774 May 26 (Thursday).  I went again to the Convention.  There were not only a proposal made of address to Governor Gage; but it was voted; a Committee was chose to prepare a Draught.  This was nevertheless not perfected; but by reason of Some [limitations?] from Court it was put off till further Time and Experience.  A Fast in this Distress agreed, is to be recommended to our people through the province. In publick Rev. James Chandler of Rowley delivered from [Tim.?] 4.7.8, a very serious and Profitable Sermon.  I dined at Dr. Eliots.  P.M. went to the Convention.  I prayed at the Conclusion of this Meeting.  The Convention was adjourned to the Day after Commencement.  Then to Meet again at the same place, viz. Master Lovells School.  Paid Edes for the News paper.  N.B. Mr. Gordon has Sent to England for Dr. C. Mathers Magnalia for me; and it is come.  I receive it and payed him for it. 4£ old tenor.  Lodge again at my Son Samuels.  N.B. My Brother Shaw came there to See me.  Mr. Moore lodges there.  He has bought Shirting for me, for which I payed him 24£ old Tenor.