May 23, 1774

1774 May 23 (Monday).  Mr. Breck and his Wife left us to go to Boston.  I rode to my son Williams at Concord.  Had an Horse of Mr. Barnabas Newton.  In my way called at Mr. Darlings of Framingham to see his aged Mother — of 96.  They entertained me very kindly and generously. I called also at Mr. Lorings.  But how observable the Change!  Mr. Daniel son of Mr. Nathan keeps Tavern.  The study and the Closet, so many Years improved for Prayer and other devout Exercises, is now used for Drinking etc.  N.B. borrowed of Mr. Loring his Grand-Fathers 4to M.S. bound, and Alphabetical: and with a number of Extracts Miscellaneously.  And Mr. Lord of Norwich’s half-Century Sermon. Lodged at my Son William’s where (D.G.) they are all in Comfort.