May 25, 1774

1774 May 25 (Wednesday).  We have One more Election Day.  Thanks to God! Mr. Gad Hitchcock of Pembroke, preached on Prov. 29.2.  I dined in Faneuel Hall.  The preacher craved: Dr. Appleton returned.  P.M. Attended the Convention.  Dr. Eliot was chose Moderator and prayed.  N.B. All persons I am with, in all Companys, lament and mourn for what is coming upon the province; and upon Boston in special.  Visit Mrs. Surcomb who now dwells other where though I found her at the usual place.  She shews me her House, where she now lives, Requests me to come again, that she may relate to me what Mr. S. did by Will, for her.  I hasten to see my Brother — him I find in a woeful broken state; I can’t find that he knows me. I take Opportunity to talk with his wife of her Intemperance which is so much confirmed that I am full of Distress about it — and lay it to her, though it sadly disturbs her.  Call to see my Cousen Nabby Tyler, as well as sister Rebecca.  Visit Cousen Bradford, who is very weak and low.  Meet Cousen Oliver, etc.  Was at Brother Shaws and Loyds.  Lodge at Samuels.  Mr. Moore and Cushing lodge there also.  Betsey Baldwin boards at the same place also.