April 3, 1774

1774 April 3 (Sunday).  Preached a.m. on Act. 26.20.from middle of p. 27 to middle of p. 34.  P.M. Went on with sermon on Heb. 2.1 but made Sundry additions especially in the Close.  May God Succeed my poor imperfect Labours for both my own and the people’s Saving Benefit!  But what a Surprize were we thrown into by hasty Riding, etc. for the Doctors, for me etc.  Mrs. Morse unhappy Woman!  has cutt her own Throat with a Rasor!  about 1/2 an hour before meeting was done.  I hastened to the House of Distress.  Saw the horrid wound — about 2 inches long.  Dr. Hawes tells me the Wind-pipe is cut about half through.  She is alive and to appearance Sensible.  Sits pretty still while the Doctor Sews up the Gashes.  But I say very little to her, as she under the Operation least it should Set her a Bleeding.  Dr. Ball came to Assistance.  Many people were gathered in to behold the Sorrowful Spectacle.  Mr. Morse requested me to pray.  I found she was not against it “with respect to Mr. Morse and the Children, but it could do her no good,” as she expressed it.  I prayed, when they had done what was necessary in the Sewing and Dressing.  The Doctors tarry all night, as well as several to watch her.  But I returned to my Family.  May the holy, Sovereign God sanctifie this very awful Dispensation!  Guard and restrain the Miserable tempted, frantic woman; Support and direct my poor Sorrowful Neighbour.  Pity the Aged Father (Mr. Warrin) and the Surprized astonished Children; and grant us all the peculiar Grace necessary for us rightly to improve so remarkable and distressing a Providence!



April 4, 1774

1774 April 4 (Monday).  Mr. Morse sent for me again, early this morning.  I went over — found Mrs. Morse somewhat composed — and supping Some liquid Breakfast.  By Desire of Mr. Morse I prayed.  Her answer to me before I began was much the same it had always been.  Elias goes with a Team to Mr. Whipples Mill.  Carrys 21 1/2 Bushels first, afterwards Ten more, and two more Still.  Breck assists in filling, loading, emptying etc.  P.M. My Son John left us to go to Mr. Watsons at Oxford to work there.  Mr. Mellen of Chauxit calls here.  Acquaints me with Some of his Brethrens (the major part of their Church’s) proceedings.



April 5, 1774

1774 April 5 (Tuesday).  Miss Suse Brigham here from Day to Day assisting Sophy in her work.  Widow Snow dines here.  P.M. preached at the Widow Newton’s, on Rom. 8.11.  Earnestly pray it may please God to grant Success; as I would be thankfull for the assistances afforded, and beg the Sins of my holy Things may be forgiven through Jesus Christ.  Hear that Mrs. Morse was very bad last night.  May the Lord extend Pity and Compassion!  And may She be restrained and restored!  Have Some Difficulty about Mr. Silas Hills not discharging his Debt to me, yet he is about moving to Oakham.


April 6, 1774

1774 April 6 (Wednesday).  Dr. Hawes here about Mr. Hills affair (who has moved away), but does not undertake in it.  The Doctor dines here.  Mr. Lorings Diary.  Mrs. P________  has walked to Capt. MaynardsElias is gone to Mr. Waters School, which I suppose begins to Day at the South School-House.  P.M. was going to See Mrs. Morse — but a storm rising, thundering and it beginning to Rain I desisted.  N.B. A poor old Beggar, who says his Name is William Salloy, of Suffield, here.



April 7, 1774

1774 April 7 (Thursday).  Mrs. P________ did not return home last night, but came this morning.  Mrs. Morse, I hear, has been raving lately, but last night and this morning is more Composed.  At about 10 a.m. I went over — prayed with her.  Her Expressions much the Same as heretofore.  Mr. Tinney dined here.  Mrs. Godfrey, who was Ruth Bellows, lodges here.



April 10, 1774

1774 April 10 (Sunday).  Read Jonah [II?] and preached on it.  P.M. did not read publicly but preached on Jer. 4.1, going on with the Subject from Act. 16.20.  May the Lord concurr.  N.B. a new Alarm from Mr. Morse’s.  The Sewing of the windpipe and the outward sewing are broke open by her Coughing — nor can the Doctor sew it up again.  Went over at Evening.  Prayed fervently with her.  O that God would look upon her next to desperate Case!  Her mind not altered to any purpose.



April 11, 1774

1774 April 11 (Monday).  Lt. Baker came to me with an earnest Message from Neighbour Seth Morse in his great Distress for his Wife, who is not like to live but a little longer: for now he requests there might be a Fast kept on her Account and that it be without Delay — that it be tomorrow, notwithstanding the public Fast on next Thursday.  I said what I conceived proper with respect to the necessary preparations.  He would Send for the Neighbouring Ministers.  And particularly the 4 nearest.  Mr. Sumner and Mr. Fish.  I objected against Mr. Fisk — and let him know, it would give me inexpressible Disquietment.  But he Said he knew they would peculiarly insist for Him; and entreated that in So extraordinary a Case, for the poor womans sake I would not refuse, that if we have any Mercy, and at Such an extraordinary Juncture etc. etc.  The other Gentlemen named were Rev. Stone and Fitch; against whom I made no Objection — but as to all of us it would be very difficult, to be interrupted in our preparations for the general Fast.  In fine I consented to attend, and Mr. Morse requesting that I would write to the Ministers I agreed with Lt. Baker to send to Mr. Stone; which he (Baker) could carry as he was going to Framingham to Mr. Sumner, and Dr. Flynt could take it; to Mr. Fitch, and Dr. Hawes could convey it: but I could not write to Mr. Fish to come.  I thought however that considering the Extremity they were in, for Mrs. Morse’s Sake, hoping I Should speak to Him and bear Some Testimony against etc.  I wrote Mr. Morse this word, that he might Send to him on this Extraordinary Occasion.  At Eve I went there and Said a few things, and but few; She answered with as few.  Prayed earnestly for her — ripened the Desire of the Fast tomorrow by divine Leave and Assistance.



April 12, 1774

1774 April 12 (Tuesday).  Fast at Mr. Seth Morse’s, on account of his miserable Wife.  Mr. Sumner came here, and going with me, he advised that not the least word of Opposition be uttered against Mr. Fish’s being there and officiating considering the present Extraordinary Circumstances.  Mr. Fisk and Mr. Fitch came.  I began the Solemnity with fervent prayer.  Mr. Sumner preached a Suitable sermon from Luk. 15.17.  P.M. Mr. Fitch prayed and Mr. Fish (Mr. Morse insisting for it) preached on Mat. 9.12.  May the Lord bless the word and accept the prayers, especially for this Miserable Object!  Mr. Stone did not come.  Mr. Morse told me last Eve that they could not well provide.  I offered to for such as would come our way.  Mr. Fish, Masters Phinehas Bowman and Cornelius Waters, also Old Mr. Seth Morse Eat at our House.  At eve came Asa Ware from Needham to live with me Six Months for 78£ old Tenor or if after a Months Tryal he behaves and works well and deserves it, 80£ of like Money.  Receive Letters from Mr. More [i.e., Moore], with Mr. Charles Turners Anniversary Sermon at Plymouth, Dec. 22, 1773, from Zech. 4.10.



April 14, 1774

1774 April 14 (Thursday).  Publick Fast.  I preached a.m. on Ps. 51.[11?].  P.M. on Isa. 1.13.  May the Lord hear in Heaven the Supplications etc., bless the word dispensed, and enable us to walk uprightly!  That to days, may not be vain [Objections?]!  Mr. Thomas Kendal from Dartmouth College from Boston etc. came to Meeting.  Lodged here also, and gave me account of his Cagnawaga Tour, and reception among the Indians.  N.B. Mrs. Morse is delirious.



April 15, 1774

1774 April 15 (Friday).  Rode with Mr. Kendal to Mr. Seth Rice’s, and dined there.  Visited also the widow Martha Warrin.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Forbes here.  Our Discourse of Church Government.  Bolton Affairs.  Read him my Letter to Capt. Bailey and Mr. Longley.  Seems to be more satisfyed by hearing it — but is not quiet.  Disturbed that Persis Baker of Bolton is refused Communion with us etc. etc.  Mr. Kendal returns and lodges here.



April 16, 1774

1774 April 16 (Saturday).  Mr. K. goes to Master Waters.  I visited Lt. Bruce and his Wife, under great Affliction and prayed with them.  P.M. rode to Hopkinton.  Called to See Mrs. Morse.  She is in much the Same Frame of mind.  Met Mr. Fitch.  Went to his House.  Lodged there.  N.B. In the Night came men in pursuit of Thieves, who had Stole from Mr. George Aldrich of Mendon: having broke open his store the night before.



April 19, 1774

1774 April 19 (Tuesday).  The Association met here, viz. Mr. Stone, Smith, Bridge, and with them Mr. Whitney.  Mr. Goss was at Court.  Mr. Sumner was invited but his youngest Child is extremely ill.  I was chose Moderator.  Prayed and delivered a Discourse on Luk. 12.36.37.  “And you your Selves like to men that wait” etc.  O that God would please to Solemnize my Spirit and assist me in Complying with the Directions given; and that we each of us might be in actual readiness!



April 20, 1774

1774 April 20 (Wednesday).  Rose early.  Rode to Worcester.  On my way broke fast at Mr. Sumners.  N.B. Their Child very ill.  At Worcester Judge Trowbridge told me the Goss case would not come on to day.  Rode therefore to Mr. Maccartys, Mr. Isaac Pratts, and thence to Leicester.  Dined there with Alexander.  P.M. he went with me to Mr. Conklins.  Drank Coffee etc.  Returned to Alexanders and lodged there.



April 21, 1774

1774 April 21 (Thursday).  Mr. John Southgate, Juryman for Lei’ster my Company to Wor’ster — hastened to Court.  Mr. Goss’s Case was pleaded a. and p.m.  Mr. Goss’s Ordination not disputed: and therefore I was not called to give my Testimony concerning it.  Dined at Mr. Maccartys, with Mr. Morse and Mr. Lawrence of Winchester.  Afterwards came Mr. Mellen.  At Eve I came away from Court before breaking up.  I grew weary and inclined to come home.  Attempted and accomplished it, though not till 10 o’Clock.  N.B. Squire Henry Gardner and Mr. Morse of Shrewsbury my Company part of the way.  Mr. Sumners Child almost gone.  Fear it will die to night.  My Daughter Cushing came here to day.  Capt. Jonas Houghton came before I got to bed with a Letter from Mr. Goss requesting, for the use of his Lawyer my Book containing the Results of the Three Synods; which I Sent accordingly by him.  He went to Capt. Maynards for Lodging.  Mrs. Morse, I hear, is worse.  Benjamin Whitney came this Evening to desire me to go over to See her:  She her self having wanted to see me.



April 22, 1774

1774 April 22 (Friday).  Visit Mrs. Morse: found no great alteration as to the State of her mind, except that she is thought Somewhat more insane.  Her Body is more emaciated and she grows weaker.  The Doctor there, to dress the wound.  It is externally very much healed up: the Hole not bigger apparently, than a Hazlenut might be put into.  She said but little.  Her swallowing not better, and Speaks but in Whisper and to be understood but difficultly.  I prayed with her.  I think it was not so much against her Will, as heretofore: but she was not rational enough to discourse much with.  Tis feared she can’t continue long.  An Object of Pity!  May a Merciful and gracious God extend His Compassion to her in this miserable Condition!  Have, at home, my Daughter Cushings Company.  She is but feeble and infirm, yet is able to be about with Some Alertness.  Elias to School daily to Mr. Waters.



April 23, 1774

1774 April 23 (Saturday).  An earnest Message in the morning to hasten to Mr. Morse’s.  It was feared she was dying.  Her real Frame could not be known.  I prayed with her.  Alas for her deplorable Condition!  I returned to my studys.  She expired about 11 a.m.  Mr. Morse himself here.  May God direct and Support him!  Eli Harrington here with his Relation.  N.B. I take Notice he says in it, “that he is Satisfyed with the Discipline in this Church.”



April 24, 1774

1774 April 24 (Sunday).  A.M. read Rom. 11.33 and though I had so prepared for p.m. on another subject that I intended to preach upon it, yet what remained of the forenoon Discourse could not be omitted, as the solemn Occasion (Mrs. Morse’s awfull Departure) engaged all our minds; therefore I went on with it, making a variety of Alterations.  Admitted Eli Harrington into the Church.  May God grant His Blessing!



April 25, 1774

1774 April 25 (Monday).  Breck went for Mr. Morse to Northborough and Shrewsbury (as he had gone to Southborough on Saturday) for Gloves, Cyprus etc. in preparation for the Funeral.  I attended the Funeral of Mrs. Morse.  Mrs. P________ not well; and did not go.  Nor my Daughter Cushing, not being able.  A Great Assembly gathered.  I prayed.  After Funeral Mr. Waters here.  I went up to Mr. Newtons about the driving up my son Baldwins and my own young Cattle, to Brookfield.



April 28, 1774

1774 April 28 (Thursday).  I was obliged to preach my Lecture my self.  The Text Gal. 6.4 to p. 9.  It was well I preached my self, there being so very few at Meeting that a Neighbouring Minister would have thought perhaps, that it was not worth while to be at the pains to come from another Town to preach to so small an handful of people.  A great many pews both above and below, had no body at all: there was but one, a young woman in all the womens Gallery, both in Front and side.  I could not but speak of it in my Sermon; but told those few who were present, that I was glad of them and wished they might find happy Reward etc.  Mr. Cushing from Ashburnham at Eve, and lodged here.  N.B. Cousen Davis dined here, with her Child, her mother Maynard after Lecture and drank Coffee etc. with us.



April 29, 1774

1774 April 29 (Friday).  Mr. Cushing and his Wife are detained here by the Rain.  They tarried till after Dinner, and till past 3 p.m. and then, though wetting, they attempted to go part of the way.  May God grant them a prosperous Journey, by His holy will!  At Eve came Mr. John Piper who is newly come to live among us, and asks the privilege to communicate with us, as also that his Wife Mary, may; they being Members of the Church in Templeton.



April 30, 1774

1774 April 30 (Saturday).  Nehemiah Maynard came and brought a Certificat of his Wife’s enjoying privilege at Northborough, requesting the like here.  But his Certificate was lame; however, not so essentially as to reject it.  At Eve Elias returned from Brookfield.  Brought my Watch from Mr. Earl at Leicester.  For a Chrystal, and enamelling the Figures 2/ Lawfull.  Thus ends another Month.  May God be praised for the Blessings of it!  May the Sins of it be freely forgiven.