May 6, 1774

1774 May 6 (Friday).  Mr. Fisher came again to his work; and had also Mr. Moses Sever to work at the Wall on which the new Fence is erected.  Mr. Daniel Warrin came to acquaint me his wife was dead, to desire me to attend her Funeral tomorrow.  Mr. Peter Coffin and his wife called here in their way to Brookfield.  When we were at Dinner Breck returns from Boston.  He tells me he went to see my Brother who is more and more infirm.  An Awful Superannuation! O that I might be useful while I live, and ready and willing to die when God shall call!  N.B. Received a packet from My dear Friend and Brother Mr. Grindall Rawson of East Haddam, of April 27 and May 2, which was very gratifying.