May 3, 1774

1774 May 3 (Tuesday).  Mr. Fisher undertakes to do the work of my Fence against the Garden with Pales and to make two Cart and one Horse Gate, for one Guinea.  And his Diet, I finding the Stuff. He begins to Day and Abel Tinny is with him.  Breck rode to Boston.  Mr. Eli Whitney here and talks with me about denying a member of (Walley) Bolton Church Communion.  P.M. I preached at Lt. Bakers on 1 Sam. 25.32,33, which may God bless to our highest Benefit!



May 5, 1774

1774 May 5 (Thursday).  Ezra Bellows came in haste to call me to go to his Brother Simeon’s, where was Mrs. Hannah Warrin (Wife of Mr. Daniel) in a dying Condition.  I went and found her breathing but insensible.  Prayed with them and exhorted them. Dined there.  N.B. Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlins Discourse about Bolton and Church Government.  Ezra Baker present also.  In returning I called to see Lt. Bruce and his Wife.  At Eve marryed Caleb Harrington of Waltham to Sarah Miller (Daughter of Ebenezer) and Joseph Hardy to Lucy Parker.



May 6, 1774

1774 May 6 (Friday).  Mr. Fisher came again to his work; and had also Mr. Moses Sever to work at the Wall on which the new Fence is erected.  Mr. Daniel Warrin came to acquaint me his wife was dead, to desire me to attend her Funeral tomorrow.  Mr. Peter Coffin and his wife called here in their way to Brookfield.  When we were at Dinner Breck returns from Boston.  He tells me he went to see my Brother who is more and more infirm.  An Awful Superannuation! O that I might be useful while I live, and ready and willing to die when God shall call!  N.B. Received a packet from My dear Friend and Brother Mr. Grindall Rawson of East Haddam, of April 27 and May 2, which was very gratifying.



May 7, 1774

1774 May 7 (Saturday).  I attended the Funeral of Mrs. Hannah Warrin, Wife of Mr. Daniel Warrin.  I have had so many Interruptions of my Studys this Week, and different Calls of divine Providence one way and another that I could prepare but part of a sermon for the Sabbath.  Mr. Hutchinson in his way to Carlisle, calls here. He designs also to go to Mr. McGregore at Nutfield.  



May 8, 1774

1774 May 8 (Sunday).  Read Jonah 4.  I was obliged to use for the forenoon Exercise, chiefly Sermons 1 and 2 on Rev. 20.12, but preached from 2 Cor. 3.10.  P.M. (having read Ps. 96) repeated with some alterations Sermon 3 on Rev. 20.22, that sentence, “the Books were opened.”  N.B. Mr. Samuel Barrett of Hopkinton and his Wife, dined here.  Mr. Fitch being absent, and gone to Connecticut.



May 9, 1774

1774 May 9 (Monday).  Alpheus Rice, Son of the late Lieut. Eliezer Rice, and member of Providence College, here and dined with us.  He wants Advice concerning his going from that College and entering at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire.  At Eve came to the House Mr. Joseph Harrington, but after he had stayed some time, enquiring for me, my Daughter Sophy  said I was gone from home; So he went away.  I was apprehensive of what might be his Design in Coming, but God was pleased, in His Providence to over-rule this matter.  D. Glor!



May 10, 1774

1774 May 10 (Tuesday).  A.M. Read the Life and Sufferings of Lord Cobham by Gilpin, and made a Visit to old Lt. Thomas Forbush.  P.M. Visit at Ensign Jeduthun Fay’s; his wife and Several of his Children having Signifyed to me their Expectation and Desire of it.  The man was not at home; the Woman and Children conducted with much Civility and Courteousness.



May 13, 1774

1774 May 13 (Friday).  Mr. Bradshaw came from Boston, having gone from New Braintry to buy Goods (with a Team etc.).  My Daughter in Law Elizabeth with him.  Having dined — drinked [sic]  Coffee etc. they Sat out — fearing a storm.  N.B. Received by them the papers of yesterday containing the Act of Parliament for blocking up the Harbour of Boston — and  which is to take place on June 1 next.  Also containing General Gage’s Appointment of Governor in the room of Mr. Hutchinson.  May God most gracious behold our state!  Rev. Mr. Jedediah Jewets Death pastor of the first Church in Rowley.  May the Lord sanctify it to survivors!



May 15, 1774

1774 May 15 (Sunday).  Read Micah 1.  Preached on the Subject of Repentence from Act. 26.20 but the present Text, Mat. 3.8 and finished that set of Sermons.  May God add His Blessing! P.M. Read Rom. 1, and preached on v. 18.  God grant we may all be thoroughly awakened hereby!  N.B. My Son John came this morning.  The Rain yesterday prevented his coming before.  He has been to Lancaster. Mrs. Molly Taylor dined with us.  She keeps school at Mr. Jonathan Grouts (or the School House near).



May 18, 1774

1774 May 18 (Wednesday).  Breck Sends a Team to Providence and p.m. goes himself.  Mr. Jacob Gibbs here to request my Notes of the sermon delivered at the Fast at his House last December that it may be printed.  Tells me the Children he buryed were these following.


Relyance, in her 12th year, dyed Nov. 25, 1773.

Jacob, in his 10th — dyed Dec. 10.

John, in his 19th — Dec. [1?]5.

Sarah, in her 17th — Dec. 17.

Jerusha, in her 14th — Dec. 22, the Day of the Fast.

Lydia, in her 8th — Dec. 24

Elisha, in his 6th — Dec. 29.



May 19, 1774

1774 May 19 (Thursday).  I walked up to Widow Brighams to obtain her Mare for next week but She is bespoke.  Walked to Mr. F. Whipples — got an Horse there to ride to Shrewsbury, that is to Master Goddards and dined there.  Agree with him to take to Board and Instruct Elias for 35/old tenor per week — and to begin on the Monday after the Election.  When returned home, found Mr. Fisher was come for the p.m. and made the Bench of the little House, but not the Partitions from the rest of the House.



May 23, 1774

1774 May 23 (Monday).  Mr. Breck and his Wife left us to go to Boston.  I rode to my son Williams at Concord.  Had an Horse of Mr. Barnabas Newton.  In my way called at Mr. Darlings of Framingham to see his aged Mother — of 96.  They entertained me very kindly and generously. I called also at Mr. Lorings.  But how observable the Change!  Mr. Daniel son of Mr. Nathan keeps Tavern.  The study and the Closet, so many Years improved for Prayer and other devout Exercises, is now used for Drinking etc.  N.B. borrowed of Mr. Loring his Grand-Fathers 4to M.S. bound, and Alphabetical: and with a number of Extracts Miscellaneously.  And Mr. Lord of Norwich’s half-Century Sermon. Lodged at my Son William’s where (D.G.) they are all in Comfort.



May 24, 1774

1774 May 24 (Tuesday).  Rode to Lincoln, to Mr. Ephraim Flynts, where Sojourn My Kinsfolks, Mr. Samuel Procter and his Wife.  Dined at Mr. Jacob Cushings at Waltham.  Present their Mrs. William and her two sons, Dr. and Samuel.  At Boston My Horse was committed to the Care of Deacon Sherbourn: I lodged at my son Samuels as did My Son Moore likewise.



May 25, 1774

1774 May 25 (Wednesday).  We have One more Election Day.  Thanks to God! Mr. Gad Hitchcock of Pembroke, preached on Prov. 29.2.  I dined in Faneuel Hall.  The preacher craved: Dr. Appleton returned.  P.M. Attended the Convention.  Dr. Eliot was chose Moderator and prayed.  N.B. All persons I am with, in all Companys, lament and mourn for what is coming upon the province; and upon Boston in special.  Visit Mrs. Surcomb who now dwells other where though I found her at the usual place.  She shews me her House, where she now lives, Requests me to come again, that she may relate to me what Mr. S. did by Will, for her.  I hasten to see my Brother — him I find in a woeful broken state; I can’t find that he knows me. I take Opportunity to talk with his wife of her Intemperance which is so much confirmed that I am full of Distress about it — and lay it to her, though it sadly disturbs her.  Call to see my Cousen Nabby Tyler, as well as sister Rebecca.  Visit Cousen Bradford, who is very weak and low.  Meet Cousen Oliver, etc.  Was at Brother Shaws and Loyds.  Lodge at Samuels.  Mr. Moore and Cushing lodge there also.  Betsey Baldwin boards at the same place also.



May 26, 1774

1774 May 26 (Thursday).  I went again to the Convention.  There were not only a proposal made of address to Governor Gage; but it was voted; a Committee was chose to prepare a Draught.  This was nevertheless not perfected; but by reason of Some [limitations?] from Court it was put off till further Time and Experience.  A Fast in this Distress agreed, is to be recommended to our people through the province. In publick Rev. James Chandler of Rowley delivered from [Tim.?] 4.7.8, a very serious and Profitable Sermon.  I dined at Dr. Eliots.  P.M. went to the Convention.  I prayed at the Conclusion of this Meeting.  The Convention was adjourned to the Day after Commencement.  Then to Meet again at the same place, viz. Master Lovells School.  Paid Edes for the News paper.  N.B. Mr. Gordon has Sent to England for Dr. C. Mathers Magnalia for me; and it is come.  I receive it and payed him for it. 4£ old tenor.  Lodge again at my Son Samuels.  N.B. My Brother Shaw came there to See me.  Mr. Moore lodges there.  He has bought Shirting for me, for which I payed him 24£ old Tenor.



May 27, 1774

1774 May 27 (Friday).  At Mr. Joseph Coollidge’s bought me a new pair of Gold Buttons, and paid him for them 8£ 6/.  Undertook my Journey home. Called at Mr. Adams’s at Roxbury where I saw Mr. [blank] of Woodstock, who was blind and deaf.  The way to Converse with him, was by writing in his hand.  I dined at Mr. Gordons.  Mr. Rowland of Providence there also.  P.M. Rode to Needham and lodged at Mr. Wests; not venturing further, in unknown Roads at Eve.



May 31, 1774

1774 May 31 (Tuesday).  Mr. Breck and Lady leave us.  I visited aged Mrs. Woods, who dwells at Sergeant Forbes’s.  In returning called at Mr. Morse’s; but he was not at home.  At my Arrival I found my Kinsman Mr. Thomas Loyd was come to see me in his Way to Blandford and with him his Daughter Nabby and his Sister Marshall, who are going with them.  They lodge here. We are informed that probably this Day his late Excellency Thomas Hutchinson Esquire with his second son, Elisha, and youngest Daughter, Peggy, Set Sail for London.