October 29, 1773

1773 October 29 (Friday).  Great Interruption by the Company, who breakfast here, and bid adieu.  Mr. Morse here and pays me the 16 Dollars which I lent him for the Towns Service.  I was obliged to assist in preparing for the work designed this Evening.  Went to Mr. Newtons and Deacon Woods etc. to ask my Neighbours to come.  Accordingly a Small Number were so kind as to assist me at Evening in drawing off the Gravel from the Knoll behind my House.  Deacon Wood with a yoke of Oxen, Mr. Barnabas Newton with his Plough and oxen, Mr. Jonathan Grout with a large Gravel-Drag (except the Tongue), Mr. Spring, Wheelock, Several of the work-men from the Meeting House.  However, there were in all, but a few for such a Work — neither Breck nor Harrington nor Caruth nor Snow, could be with me.  Yet a good Job was done.  Their Treat was Drink and Bread and Cheese.