October 6, 1773

1773 October 6 (Wednesday).  Mr. Bradshaw to Boston and carryed for me 2d and Third Vols. of Burroughs on Hosea to Dr. Samuel Mathers.  Mr. Sumner came and dined with me.  Preached my Lecture on Cant. 1.7.  May a gracious God add His Blessing!  Stayed the Church at the Request of the Deacons, who wanted to acquaint the Church, and did so, with the Legacy which the late Deacon Tainter left the Church, of 50£ Old Tenor and which was let out to his son Benjamin Tainter, now the Time of the Note being up, they want the Church Should direct what they would have done with it; but don’t desire the Church to act anything upon it immediately.  They choose it should be deferred to next Lecture Day.  Mr. Waters here after Meeting — and tarrys here over night.  Squire (or Capt.) Samuel Wilder returning from  Mendon, came and lodged here.