October 19, 1773

1773 October 19 (Tuesday).  Both those workmen here.  Breck (p.m.) Sets out for Boston.  I send by him Mrs. Melvilles Book, viz. the Translation of Sir Thomas Mores Utopia, which I have read.  An happy Common Wealth no doubt!  But with great Defects!  [Here a Greek word.]  It is the Day for the Association to meet at Mr. Bridge’s at Sudbury: but I am unable to attend.  My Horse being sold, I tryed in Vain to get an Horse.  It was also very rainy in the early Morning and the Journey so great as to require very early Setting out, so that after my Disappointments yesterday, there was no time nor room to [illegible]; though it was to my great Trouble.  Employed in Mr. Lorings Diary.  It takes up much Time to read it so as to make the Table of Contents; but affords Quickening and Instruction.  God grant I may be profited by it!