October 4, 1773

1773 October 4 (Monday).  In the morning came Capt. Samuel Wilder of Ashburnham, Mr. Levi Wilder of Lancaster, and Miss Polly Cook of Providence, who had been at Lancaster; all in their way to Mendon, and Breck goes with them.  P.M. Mrs. Beeton to See her Mother who is much exercised with Rheumatism.  Miss Hannah Fish drinks Tea with us.  At Eve the Committee of the Church who visited Mrs. Eunice Rice, met here.  Viz. Deacon Bond, Mr. Nathaniel Whitney and Capt. Benjamin Fay.  They draw up, 2 of them Sign the Return of what was done; and they leave the Paper for the Church.  N.B. [Last?] Eve Mr. Joseph Harrington lent me again the Second Neighbour but injoining to return it by Elias when he goes next to School.