October 14, 1773

1773 October 14 (Thursday).  I rode to Grafton Lecture.  Called to See Joseph Grout junior.  Dined at Mr. Daniel Grosvenors Lodgings, viz. at young Mr. Merriams.  Mr. Sumner preached on Deut. 32.47, which may God bless and prosper for our Saving Good!  We retired after Meeting to Mr. Jonathan Wheelers and drank Tea.  We also stepped in to see Mrs. Hutchinson, her husband being gone to preach at Colrain.  I returned home at Evening.  Though Jonathan Maynard had laid aside the Design of our Husking to day, yet he undertook to get Hands together and they cut up, carted in the rest of the Corn, So that at Eve about 30 Hands came and husked it out.  We got ‘em a supper, and had Mr. John Harrington to tend and Mr. Thaddeus Warrins Wife to Cook.  Dr. Joslyn and Mrs. Cotton here, but the Doctor went with Dr. Haws to lodge.  Mr. Benjamin Webb, School master, among the People; and he returned Thanks.  We Sang part of Ps. 65, v. 2 and v. 8 to the End of 11.