September 29, 1773

1773 September 29 (Wednesday).  Mr. Morse Treasurer pay £34.15.8 and has a Receipt for it.  Rode to Shrewsbury, to an Association Lecture.  Mr. Bowman prayed.  Mr. Curtis of [Charlton?] preached a profitable sermon on Ps. 149.9.  Mr. Conklin prayed after sermon.  May God grant His Blessing!  Dined at Mr. Sumners.  Mr. Nathan Goddard was approbated as Schoolmaster.  Mr. Sumner, Mr. Whitney and I signed the Certificate.  Memorandum.  The Lord was pleased to remember His people, in a Time of distressing Drought and sent a Plentiful Rain.  Praise to His glorious Name!  Supped at Mr. Sumners, but lodged  at sister Cushings, and Mr. Davis of Holden with me.