September 5, 1773

1773 September 5 (Sunday).  In the morning came Capt. Samuel Wilder of Ashburnham being upon a sorrowful urgent Journey to Providence to see his Brother Nahum who lies Sick there: in a Relapse after the Small Pox.  Mr. Levi and his Sister Sally went over Yesterday.  May God graciously appear for the poor young man, and prepare him and his dear Relatives for His holy will!  Read Amos VI and gave an Exercise (too broken and imperfect, alas!) for the a.m. service, from it.  Mrs. P______________ could not go to Meeting.  P.M. Read Ps. XCV.  Made v. 8, first Comma, the Text, and delivered the greatest part of the Improvement of Sermon on Isa. VI.9.10 from p. 48 to the End.  I most earnestly and importunately beg of God to awaken all of us, and teach us to profit by the word dispensed.  Obtained Dismission for Mrs. Persis Putnam, heretofore Persis Rice, now Putnam.  Appointed the Family Meeting to be at Mr. Joseph Grouts next Tuesday, at 2 p.m.