September 23, 1773

1773 September 23 (Thursday).  We returned to Worcester.  Was at Mr. Maccartys.  Dined at Mr. Bridge’s, with young Mr. Hutchinson, the school Master.  P.M. at Mr. [Pains?] where was Coll. Worthington, who informs me Mr. Breck is just upon his marriage with Mrs. Dor of Hartford.  I was at Mr. Putnams, Dr. Willards, at Judge Chandlers.  The Cause between Ensign Fay and Master Smith was tryed.  Elias was not Sworn.  I attended part of the Time.  After Court at Eve retired to Mr. Maccartys — had a faint turn, while I was there, and at the Smelling of the Supper — but through divine Favour recovered, and at length Eat of the Food prepared.  May it be a memento to me!  Lodged at the Same Place.