September 19, 1773

1773 September 19 (Sunday).  My Mind has been, through the Grace of God, exceedingly engaged and wrought on, considering my advancement in Age.  And now desire most unfeignedly and with all my best Powers, to bless the Lord that I am permitted to see the Light of this Morning, and to begin another Year of Sabbaths!  O that I might Spend this, and every one I may be indulged with, in the best manner!  I hope my Soul is Set in this.  Read publickly the XCth Psalm.  Preached a. and p.m. on v. 10.  P.M. Read Ps. CXLV.  I bless God I have Some lively Sense of my Situation in Life: but wish it was more impressive and effectual.  May God graciously afford His almighty influences!