September 12, 1773

1773 September 12 (Sunday).  Through the great Goodness and Astonishing Long Suffering of God I am favoured with this morning!  It was rainy, and I thought I Should Stay at home, but towards nine o’Clock Mr. Whitney came.  I rode over, and preached at Northborough a. and p.m. on Isa. 6.9.10 to page 32.  I Baptized Samuel, Son of John and [blank] Gamwell, the woman being a member of the Church.  After Exercises called to See the Widows Martyn in my way back; and drank Tea there: and went in also to see Capt. Maynard, who has been confined for Some days.  My Care has been to keep this Sabbath, the Last Sabbath of 70 Years!  as not knowing but it may be the last I shall ever have.  But alas have brokenly and imperfectly!  Each returned at Evening.  Mr. Whitney preached on Rom. 6.23 a. and p.m.  May the Lord add His Efficacious Blessing to each!