September 29, 1771

1771 September 29 (Sunday).  Read Dan. 7 from v. 15.  Preached on Heb. 6.18.  Mrs. Bowker of Simsbury dined with us.  P.M. Read Tit. 2 and delivered some parts of my Exposition of Mat. 11.12.  Connecting it with the latter End of the forenoon Exercise.  N.B. Mrs. Eunice Rice here in the morning, and I read to her what Deacon Bond had drawn, as a Confession — but she did not like it — desired the matter might be wav’d a while.  This I informed Deacon Bond of.  Deacon Bond was here at noon and desired that though Mrs. Rice did not like what he had drawn, yet that the Church might be stopped to hear it and Speak upon it.  I therefore detained them after Exercises, read it to ‘em, according to the Deacons Desire, and acquainted them with her Refusal.  They conferred a while about it, but nothing Special was done.