September 3, 1771

1771 September 3 (Tuesday).  Alexander and Mr. Phillips her[torn] Sutton (widow of the late Mr. Noah Rice) came to see us.  Mr. Tainter and his Wife came with her.  She had also a little grand daughter.  At Eve Messrs. Joseph Harrington and Eli Whitney came to enquire of me concerning Mrs. Eunice Rice and her Confession.  At night came Deacon Bond apprehending that I wanted to Speak with him.  Our Subject was Mrs. Rice, her Confession and Behavior.  N.B. In the News Paper the sad account of John Sennett’s Bestiality.[1]

[1]This may have been the same John Sennet who was punished for bestiality in May 1772: “Wednesday last John Sennet, for Beastiality, and Bet Smith, for the second Time of Thieving, were set upon the Gallows, and received the Discipline of Whipping: They were severely pelted by the Populace.”  Boston Gazette, Supplement, May 18, 1772, issue 893, p. [3].