September 23, 1771

1771 September 23 (Monday).  I went to Mr. Nurse for the Money I had lent him; but in Vain.  He let me have the little Mare, which he had engaged to Me, to ride, as I Should have Occasion: and particularly to Day.  I visited at Mr. Whitney’s.  He thinks Mrs. R________’s confession Covers Sin.  At Mr. Ebenezer Millers, Mr. Solomon Millers, Mr. Antwistles, but especially at Mrs. Grow’s, and Miss Steward’s.  Dined there (at Mr. John Harringtons Table).  Went also to see Mrs. Thurston, and the Widow of the late Mr. Daniel Miller — at Mr. T. Twitchells.  N.B. Mr. Elijah Rice there — and Shews with Mr. Twitchell disquietment at Mrs. Rice’s Confession.  Called at Mr. Jonathan Grouts, where Master Taylor lodges; and he delivers me Mr. Wheelocks note for £14.10 L.M. for my Horse.