August 12, 1771

1771 August 12 (Monday).  Visit Mrs. Parker, under the remainder of her Bruises and Jarrs by her Fall.  She seems to be in many Spiritual Troubles.  Discoursed and prayed with her.  At my returning home I grew more indisposed.  P.M. had aguish Turns, repaired to the Bed.  At Evening came Mr. Forbes from Brookfield and Mr. Aaron Crosby with him.  The latter does not lodge here.  I had a feverish turn; gentle perspiration was promoted — a Pultice of Malt was doubtless beneficial.

August 15, 1771

1771 August 15 (Thursday).  Joseph and Gould brought home the last Jaggs from the Interval.  Paid Gould at the Rate of 5£ old Tenor per week for his Labor.  That is, having paid him two Dollars before, I now delivered him £3.16.8 more — being his full Demand.  He returned to his own Family.  I droop for want of Ability to take necessary Food.

August 16, 1771

1771 August 16 (Friday).  I have had but a poor night — pained in my Mouth, Sweating, restless: am to day very uncomfortable.  God is righteous in thus dispensing!  Am lonely also, my wife tarrying So long, am full of Fears that all is not well among them.  Still I am pained and disrested — but I attend to my preparations — and can look after my domestic Affairs.  No News from Ashburnham.

August 18, 1771

1771 August 18 (Sunday).  Read Dan. IV to v. 18, which afforded the forenoon Exercise.  P.M. Read 2 Tim. 1.  Preached on Rom. 15.29, which may God Please to bless to each of us!  In composing had Some view to make it, with proper Additions, the Subject of the Concio to the Ministers next Tuesday, at our Association.  N.B. Mrs. Molly Taylor dined with us.

August 19, 1771

1771 August 19 (Monday).  I was much taken up in various family Affairs relative to the Ministers Meeting.  Master Taylor offered to get my Horse kept at his Fathers Pasture, and rides him there; leaving me his to ride as I have Occasion.  Having heard nothing from Mrs. P________ I went over to Capt. Maynards to see what help I can have from thence.  N.B. Mr. Spring kindly helps me in Sundry little Jobbs: putting in several new squares into my sashes, etc.  At night Mr. Abraham Bond helpfull and neighbourly in killing and dressing a Pig, etc.  But my Young woman, Anna Batherick too much indisposed to help us — especially p.m. and Evening.  N.B. We have had Mrs. Garfield p.m. to Scower, etc.

August 20, 1771

1771 August 20 (Tuesday).  Anna went home — paid her 53/ old Tenor for her labor.  Cousen Maynard her self came and helped me — to my great Comfort.  About 10 o’Clock came Father Loring and Brother Stone.  Afterwards Messrs. Goss, Whitney, and [blank] More — a Candidate.  P.M. at the Desire of the Ministers I drew up a paper, manifesting our dissatisfaction with the Conduct of the Brethren and People of Bolton.  I was employed about this, while the Ministers examined Mr. More.  Not hearing him I did not sign the approbation.  At Eve, to my Joy, came Mr. Cushing with his Mother.  They relate that my dear Daughter Sarah went through a tedious Travail last Friday and Night following and through the Great Goodness of God was delivered of a Son, on the 17th about 4 in the Morning.  To Gods name be Glory and Praise.  Ps. 30.5 weeping may endure — but etc. Job. 16.21.  Mr. Green has [torn] 4 Volumes more of the World displayed, viz. 13, 14, 1[torn].

August 21, 1771

1771 August 21 (Wednesday).  Mr. Cushing leaves us early to return to Ashburham by Shrewsbury and that he may attend upon the Solemnity of giving out Commissions at Lancaster.  Mr. Moses Hitchcock of Brookfield and his Sister Sally here — dined here — Mr. Forbes, and a little Boy with him from Boston returning to Brookfield.  Dr. Crosby, and Mr. Aaron Crosby, who is going a Missionary to Onohoquage, met Mr. Forbes here.  They go to Dr. Crosby’s, to lodge.

August 24, 1771

1771 August 24 (Saturday).  Deacon Wood here to apprize Mrs. Eunice Rice’s uneasiness that I don’t read her Confession to the Church.  He shews me a letter which She has Sent to Deacon Bond and himself — and to be communicated to Brother Daniel Forbes — and others as they Should see Cause — desiring them to come to me to perswade me to do it, where as She refrains using proper means her Self — does not visit Me, nor take any pains to satisfie Me of her Penitence.

August 25, 1771

1771 August 25 (Sunday).  Read Dan. 4.19-33 and gave an Exercise upon it.  P.M. Read 2 Tim. 2.  Preached on Rom. 11.26, that Clause, “there shall come out of Sion the Deliverer” — and went on with many Alterations from Page 17 of Sermon on 1 Thess. 1.10.  May God graciously overlook my Deficiencies and Miscarriages and give His Blessing.

August 27, 1771

1771 August 27 (Tuesday).  Neighbour Zebulon Rice, of Brookfield, came to see me.  Mr. Stone and his Delegates, in their way to the Council at Grafton, call here.  I went to Deacon Woods to See his Brother Johns Wife.  Shewed him the Copy of my Letter which I have sent to Mrs. Rice.  P.M. Mr. Daniel Forbes was here.  N.B. No mention of Mrs. Rice, nor any Thing of her Case.  He came to ask me to preach at his House.

August 28, 1771

1771 August 28 (Wednesday).  Was at Lt. Bakers, and Saw there his Brother Samuel of Bolton.  I testifyed against their Behavior in Bolton, towards Mr. Goss.  Was at Deacon Woods because I could not have time to converse much with him yesterday.  Called at Mr. Hills, She having lately lain in, and exhorted her to her Duty.  Sheriff Culter and his Son Ebenezer came in very wet; they are on their Journey to Boston.

August 30, 1771

1771 August 30 (Friday).  Mr. Mellen and his Wife, in their return to Chauxit, called here.  A little before Sunsetting came Mrs. Eunice Rice to see me.  We Conversed about her Confession.  She consents to some alteration.  I consent to propound her in a little Time: but not next Sabbath, because I Shall not be at home.  At Parting She asks me to be favourable to her in my Prayers — meaning in Publick, when I come to her Case.  I told I Should use what Prudence and Faithfulness I could.

August 31, 1771

1771 August 31 (Saturday).  I Saw another place in Mrs. Rice’s Confession which very much needed Alteration — and I recollected that she was much concerned about my Praying for her, which I thought did not well comport with the Frame of a Penitent.  Therefore I rode over to her, in the Morning to Mrs. Kendals, to discourse further with her.  She was willing to have the alteration made which I proposed to her: but when I spoke to her of her anxiousness concerning my Prayers, and told her it was necessary that the prayer Should be to the Purpose, She answered She must pray me to wave the Affair till I hear from her again.  With this we parted.  My ague and Tooth-ake so much disrested me that p.m. I went to Dr. Hawes, and got a principally Troublesome Tooth pulled out.  Joseph went home at Evening.