September 22, 1771

1771 September 22 (Sunday).  Read Daniel 7 to v. 14.  Preached a.m. on Heb. 6.18.  N.B. Many of Grafton people were at meeting with us; Mr. Hutchinson being gone up among his Friends in Connecticut.  P.M. Read Tit. 1 and delivered in one Exercise both the Sermons on Jer. 6.8 connecting it with what we had lately been upon.  Stopped the Church at Eve and asked their Advice concerning propounding Mrs. Eunice Rice.  Several desired to hear her Confession, and it was So urged that I complyed and read it.  I also acquainted the Church with the Exceptions I had against some Passages in it, and the Alterations which with her consent, had been made in it.  It was moved that we might know the Minds of the Church, by a Vote, Whether they advised to the propounding Mrs. Rice upon this Confession, and the present Circumstances with her?  It passed in the Negative there being but one Hand, viz. Mr. Daniel Forb. for it.  N.B. Capt. Jonas Brigham was for her making Satisfaction to her Husband.  From the General Dislike of the Confession, the Church were induced to request (and it was manifested by a Vote) Deacon Bond to draw up Such a Confession as might be suitable.  Which he consented to undertake and so the Affair was deferred till we could hear that.