May 30, 1771

1771 May 30 (Thursday).  Attended my Son Alexanders Affair relative to his Villain.  Was at Mr. Quincys who had writ me an Answer to mine, on the Same Head.  He is a very obliging and opens the way in Order to get a Market for him.  I was at the Convention.  Dr. Pemberton Moderator.  An Address to his Excellency was voted, and a Committee at 9 to wait upon him with it.  Was at the Concio.  Mr. Breck Preached on Heb. 13.1, a very pacific Discourse.  I dined at Dr. Chauncys where were Mr. Gay, Rand etc.  The Doctor was very Sanguine against those Councils which sat at Concord and lately at Bedford Ordination, and which treated Mr. Emmerson of Concord with Severitys not to be vindicated.  Visited my Aged Brother who is grown very weak and feeble.  Visited Sister Bekky, Cousin Oliver, Winter etc.  At Eve preached at Mr. Coverleys — on 2 Pet.1.14, “Knowing that Shortly,” etc.  I lodged at my Brothers.