June 1, 1771

1771 June 1 (Saturday).  Mr. Adams, I perceive, is just upon marriage to Dr. Chauncys Daughter.  I called at Mr. Cushings at Waltham to write to Alexander by one Mr. William Brakenridge of Ware.  Dined at Mr. Woodwards.  Called at Mr. (now elected Deacon) Browns, to acquaint him with what I had done, and writ to Alexander.  Made opportunity to confer with Col. Taylor upon the Case of Alexander with reference to the persons who bought the Stolen Cloth of Jones.  His answer the Same as Messrs. Sewal, Quincy, Kent, Coll. Elisha Jones etc., viz., that Alexander pay them no farthing, they being to blame, and rather liable to Action; and nothing to any Officer in bringing the Villain to punishment.  Unless my son shall get so much for him as to defray his own Charges, which must be looked to and satisfyed first.  Old Mr. Gale my Company from Col. Taylors, as far as his Sons.  Arrived safe, and my Tabernacle in Peace.  Thanks be to God for His Goodness!  Mr. Levi Warren came with his own and his Wife’s Relation.  N.B. Breck has put up almost all the Pale Fence before the House.

July 1, 1771

1771 July 1 (Monday).  Joseph returned from Hopkinton.  He begins to mowe.  Elias also mowes with him.  I rode to Mr. Snow’s to see his Wife who is very low — being in great Distress with her Throat — scarce able to swallow the thinest Liquid.  Prayed with them.  Dr. Wilson, Hawes, Joslin came, and they expect Dr. Flynt.  At Eve received Ashmole of the Knights of the Garter.

June 2, 1771

1771 June 2 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 45.  Preached a. and p.m. on Eccl. 7, last Clause, with various Additions.  Cousin Betty Gott dined here.  P.M. Read 1 Tim. 4.  Admitted Levi Warren and his Wife — was obliged to have the Vote by rising up, it being in the Congregation: and I baptized their Child.  At Eve Rev. Morse of Shrewsbury returning from Hopkinton where had Preached to Day, called here.

June 6, 1771

1771 June 6 (Thursday).  Joseph Chamberlin has had a bad night of pain and vomiting and is ill this Morning — continues ill through the Day — in great pain, though his Vomiting Ceases.  I got Moses Smith (who works for Deacon Wood) to plow awhile, and Isaac Lamb and Sherebiah Fay to work p.m. with Elias in Weeding the West Field.  A Letter from Mrs. Eunice Rice.

June 7, 1771

1771 June 7 (Friday).  Joseph wants to go home.  Deacon Wood is going to Hopkinton, acquaints Mr. Chamberlin with his Sons illness.  Nathan (another Son) rides over, and p.m. works in his Brother Josephs Stead; Joseph rides home.  At Eve came Mr. Daniel Nurse and paid me Twenty five pounds and two shillings old Tenor.  Mr. Fisk of Brookfield and his Wife came from Cambridge.  Afterwards Mr. Forbes and his Wife and son Eli came: and they lodged here.

June 9, 1771

1771 June 9 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 46.  Preached a. and p.m. on Prov. 4.23.  P.M. read 1 Tim. 5.  N.B. Was obliged to Set the Psalm my Self, in the afternoon first Singing, and for the last desired that Some one would Set a convenient Tune.  I added, that I named no body that I might not give Offence and I had been willing to do every Thing to keep Peace in this matter of Singing.  Still no body arose.  After waiting Some while, I desired Neighbour Batherick, and added “let who will be offended,” but neither did he Soon rise to do it.  At length he undertook it.  N.B. Mr. Joseph Ward of Bellingham here.  Dined — lodged — tells me he was lately burnt out.

June 10, 1771

1771 June 10 (Monday).  Mr. Ward left us.  Mr. Spring finishes the paling my fore yard, and mends one of the great Gates.  Deacon Wood carrys Letters to Messrs. John Boyles, Fleeming, etc. about Psalm Books.  P.M. I walked out to provide Oxen for a Breaking up Team.  Visit old Mrs. Kelly and Mr. Nathan Maynards Wife.  N.B. In Pursuance of a Notification for that purpose, the Subscribers for Tate and Bradys Version of the Psalms, met at Evening at the Meeting House to agree upon a Method of providing and getting from Boston, the Books.  Mr. Moses Nurse here in very great Perplexity — being Sued again, and wants me to relieve him.  I had on the 7th of this month lent him 4 Dollars.  I now Lent him 31£ old Tenor more, in all 40£ old Tenor which he promises (upon a Forfeit) to return to me by the 11th of July.

June 11, 1771

1771 June 11 (Tuesday).  Walk in the morning to Mr. Joseph Harringtons and to Mr. Tainters to get a pasture for my Horse.  Succeed with the latter, and for Assistance in breaking up.  When I returned Capt. B. Fay was here about the Widow Brighams controversie with the Whipples.  Deacon Brown and his Wife, from Framingham, going to Leicester.  They hear Kezia is like to have a broken Breast.  I finish vol. 10 of the world displayed.  Rebuked a Pedlar and turned him off, though Mrs. P. wanted some small Supplys.  Hope he will trouble us no more.

June 12, 1771

1771 June 12 (Wednesday).  Mr. Stone dined with us and Preached my Lecture from Mat. 15.7.8.  I stopped the Church to See whether they would not choose some more Choristers.  This they agreed to, but did not proceed to do it at this Time, but would have the Congregation regarded in it and therefore would have them notifyed and join, as far as suitable, in it.  This I consented to, for Peace Sake.  I observed to them that it was however matter of Trouble to me that when I had done so much in Condescention to oblige the Congregation in the Matter of the Version, and given so much Opportunity for them to acquaint me with their Objections, if they had any to make that were of weight, yet that they Should still be disturbed when not one had come to me.  Upon this, Mr. Batherick rose and was warm — also Mr. Daniel Hardy; Shewing that they were [illegible] were uneasy, and Seemed to want that something should be done, though no body knew what.  I prevented further jarring by putting an End to the Meeting.  At Eve wrote another Letter from Mr. Morse to Mr. Boyles at Boston, about Psalm-Books.

June 13, 1771

1771 June 13 (Thursday).  Closely applyed to sermon etc., etc.  Mrs. Eunice Rice here — About her Confession — but appears to me too lame and backward in some particulars.  She does not incline to acknowledge that She is guilty of breaking the 7th Commandment — nor is willing to ask forgiveness of her Husband.  At Eve Master Taylor here — talks of the unreasonableness of those persons who oppose our Singing the version, which has been Voted, particularly Ensign Jeduthun Fay.

June 18, 1771

1771 June 18 (Tuesday).  To Mr. Snows to see his Wife.  To Southborough Ministers Meeting.  But met Mr. Stone overwhelmed in Trouble, going to Hardwick, his Daughter Bangs in Travel and could not be delivered.  I went to his House — Miss Judith ill: Quilla very low.  Messrs. Loring, Smith and Bridge came.  Mr. Loring prayed — dined there — Mr. Goss came — shewed us the Result of the late mutual Council at Bolton.  I read to the Ministers Mrs. Eunice Rice’s Letter to me and Confession — asked their advice.  Returned home before night.  N.B. Mr. Williams the Sadler dyed suddenly at Marlborough yesterday: And Mr. Smith goes to his Burial to Day.  I excepted against it — as in all such Cases, of Sudden Death, I cannot countenance a sudden Funeral.  Returned home in safety.  D.G.

June 20, 1771

1771 June 20 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood and a Yoke of Oxen, Mr. Tainter with two Yoke, Mr. Nathan Maynard and one Yoke, Mr. Joseph Bond and one Yoke, Mr. Barnabas Newtons, Mr. Ebenezer Maynards, Mr. Beetons, Mr. Levi Warrins and my own, with Lt. Bakers great Plough, broke up the Corner of Land, north of my great Field.  The plough was not good, or they would have plowed more, but they broke off by about 5 o’clock p.m.  I went to Southborough and preached the Lecture on Matt. 14.14.15.  Returned safely at Eve.  D.G.  Miss Eunice Andrews came kindly p.m. to assist Mrs. P________ in quilting.  N.B. All the Behavior of that Family is benevolent.

June 23, 1771

1771 June 23 (Sunday).  Read Ezek. 48 and preached on it especially the last Clause.  Cousin Betsy Gott dined here.  P.M. read 2 Tim. 1.  Preached on Cant. 1.6 as Introduction to what I had further to deliver on Prov. 4.23.  Appointed a Lecture to Young people and the Church and Congregation to meet to choose Such as may lead in the Singing.  Letter from Mrs. Cushing.

June 25, 1771

1771 June 25 (Tuesday).  P.M. Mr. Whitman of Hartford and his Daughter, in their Journey from Boston, Came, drank Tea and lodged here.  My Son Ebenezer came from Brookfield — acquaints me with the great Disturbance there, about ministerial Rights, in the 2d Parish.  Insomuch that Mr. Forbes talks of leaving them.  N.B. Ruth goes to AshburnhamJoseph goes with her to Coll. Wilders at Lancaster.

June 27, 1771

1771 June 27 (Thursday).  Preached a Lecture to Young People from Eccl. 12, v.13.  After Lecture Stopped the Church, to choose Choristers.  The Males of the Congregation from 21 years old and upward, were permitted to join.  Four were Chose.  Two out of the Church and two out of the Congregation, viz. Mr. Eli Whitney out of the Church and Mr. Phinehas Maynard out of the Congregation, Mr. Seth Morse out of the Church and Mr. Ebenezer Chamberlain junior out of the Congregation.  It was accomplished without much Dissention.  D.G.  After Meeting a great [deal?] of Company at my House.  Master Taylor in particular.  Cousin Betty Gott tarrys and lodges here.

June 30, 1771

1771 June 30 (Sunday).  Preached a. and p.m. (at Shrewsbury) on 1 Sam. 4.13.22.  N.B. Mr. Nathaniel Monroe’s Child, Nathan, was baptized.  My Sister Cushing, having returned from Yarmouth, I asked to Mr. Sumners.  In returning home, Stopped a little at Dr. Crosbys, where also Mr. Sumner came.  Tells me he has Preached on Ps. 119.155, both a. and p.m., and that as to Singing, Mr. Whipple Struck the Pitch, and at the 2d Note others fell in and assisted.  When I came home I understood that Joseph Chamberlain went this Morning, and on Foot to Hopkinton which was not agreeable to me.  N.B. Mr. Levi Stone of Sutton brought up yesterday a great Number of New Psalm Books to Deacon Woods — but [illegible] not delivered yet.