May 21, 1771

1771 May 21 (Tuesday).  Rode to the East Corner and dined at Mr. Ebenezer and Edward Chamberlains, attended the Funeral of Mr. Seth Woods youngest Child.  Mrs. Hitty Brigham with me, and is uneasy about the Conduct of Mr. Jonathan Cook whom she has hired to work for her.  N.B. Sundry young Women, viz. Miss Polly Baker, Miss Nanny Brigham — to help Sophy in Quilting a Petticoat.  The Weather is so dark etc. that we are threatened with much Rain.  Joseph and Elias go to the ministerial Lot for Rails (bring 94 [at?] several Times) but in the last Turn they are in the Rain, and till 9 at night.  It rains so hard that the Young Women, Quilters, tarry all night.