May 29, 1771

1771 May 29 (Wednesday).  Rode to Cambridge and heard the Election Sermon, Preached by Mr. Tucker of Newbury, from 1 Pet. 2.13 etc.  N.B. Conferred with Mr. Sewall, the attorney General on the Affair of Alexander’s Thief.  I dined in the Hall.  P.M. was at the Presidents, and at Mr. Appletons where a Number of ministers were gathered to consult about an Address to the Governor.  N.B. Mr. Breck and his Cousen Williams Seem to have prepared, each a Draught and read them.  Rode to Roxbury with Mr. MacCarty, and put out my Horse at Mr. Lewis’s to pasture.  Walked over to Boston with Mr. Maccarty — and lodged at Cousen Procters.