October 21, 1770

1770 October 21 (Sunday).  I Spent all the Time I could lay hold on to prepare my Self for preaching but could not any more than for one Exercise, and that for the afternoon.  My Mind was greatly agitated.  I exerted my Self and after Reading Ezek. 33, and giving some Expository Remarks thereon, I Delivered the sermon (to p. 9) which is on Joh. 15.9 with Some Alterations which were necessary.  And in humble Dependence on the Pardoning Mercy of God and the Merits of Jesus Christ I proceeded to administer the Lords supper.  O that God would pardon and accept of me and of His people!  Mrs. Maynard and Mrs. Parker (Hannaniahs wife) at Dinner.  Mrs. Fessenden late, but dined also.  I had rather have some poor widows, than the richest Ladys at my Table, especially on sacrament Dayes.  P.M. read 1 Thess. 1.  Preached on Heb. 12.15, former part.  We finished singing Ps. 119, at the last public singing.  After my Family Exercise in the Evening I read part of Dr. Owen on Spiritual Mindedness.  A very excellent Treatise.  May God bless it to me!