October 16, 1770

1770 October 16 (Tuesday).  Breck and the young women of Upton visited at Mr. Edward Barns etc. at Marlborough.  I rode to ministers Meeting at Marlborough.  Aged Mr. Loring was there; Mr. Stone and Mr. Bridge of Sudbury also.  But Messrs. Gardner, Barrett and Goss, I suppose, were not capable of Coming.  We had our Exercises of Religion before Dinner.  P.M. I layd before the ministers my proceedings with Benjamin Fisk, and my Reasons — which they all approved of.  And the Sum of what they said, as to their own parts, that they rarely had such Notes — that when they had they thought it expedient to pray for them as guilty, when the case was apparent and evident; and if they did not like it, it Would make them the more cautious.  I returned at Eve — as did Breck etc. and lodged here.