October 18, 1770

1770 October 18 (Thursday).  Deacon Wood, Lt. Baker, Mr. Daniel Hardy and his son Adams came about 2 p.m. to See if it would do to husk; for the Weather was misty.  I wholly left the Matter with them to do as they inclined.  They went to the Barn.  I chose to attend as closely as I could to my Study.  There came some Number more, viz. Mr. Ebenezer Maynard, Barnabas Newton, Thomas Bond, Moses Wheelock, Thomas Arnold, Silas Hill, Levi Warrin, Nathan Kenny, Joseph McCulloch, Benjamin Wood (who lives with his uncle), Ebenezer junior, Nathan junior, Jonathan, Nehemiah, Stephen, Calvin, Daniel Maynard, Benjamin Taynter junior, Daniel Adams junior, John McCulloch, Jacob and Aaron Foster, Abijah Gale (N. Kennys Lad) and Sherebiah Fay.  Messrs. Baker, Newton and Bond provided a Small Quarter of Beef about 60 weight and gave it.  Also the former brought a Basket of excellent sauce, Carrots and Turnips.  May God reward him and them, for so great Kindness and Generousness!